Instant Film Cameras

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FUJIFILM announces the INSTAX WIDE 400, its latest camera dedicated to the popular instant film’s largest format. The successor to 2014’s WIDE 300, FUJIFILM has new features for group photography while slimming down the camera body. FUJIFILM is also debuting three new color options for its hybrid digital/instant camera, the
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Nikon stayed in the news this week after its surprise announcement that it will be acquiring RED, with a major firmware update for the Z9. FUJIFILM shows there are still more ways to have analog fun with instant film with the
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FUJIFILM has announced its latest instant film camera, the INSTAX MINI 99, a stylish, all-black replacement for its decade-old stalwart MINI 90. While maintaining a similar form factor and functionality, the premium MINI 99 introduces several in-body creative controls that make it attractive for those who want to play, unencumbered, with one-of-a-kind prints.
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B&H is back from break and, if you like lenses, we have great news for you. Nikon has the biggest launch of the bunch with the NIKKOR Z 600mm f/6.3 VR S Lens. Its phase fresnel element makes this lens smaller and lighter than traditional super teles. Meanwhile, Canon went in the complete opposite direction with the RF
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This week, Leica announced the long-awaited successor to its SOFORT instant film series of cameras, aptly dubbed the SOFORT 2. It features a minimalistic, lightweight design with rounded corners and is available in black, red, and white colorways. Images are captured via a 2.4mm f/2 lens, which provides a 28mm field of view. Exposure is also controlled automatically by the camera, making operation a breeze.
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It’s going to be hard to follow up a week of Bild Expo and then IBC, but we can try with a few key announcements. Nikon took a very, very good shot at it with the release of the Zf, a retro-styled full-frame camera that takes the classic looks of the FM2 and combines them with modern imaging tech from the current Z Series mirrorless lineup. Nikon also released a teaser for the mysterious “Plena,” although we will have to wait until next week
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FUJIFILM is redefining compactness with its new INSTAX PAL, a palm-sized digital camera designed to snap photos anywhere and print them later. This will be the first INSTAX camera that does not print photos itself—instead, it’s meant to connect to FUJIFILM’s line of INSTAX mobile printers. INSTAX PAL
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Polaroid, the most iconic name in instant photography, has announced the I-2, its newest flagship camera and its first-ever to feature built-in manual controls. Also sporting Polaroid's sharpest-ever lens system, the I-2 is positioned to bring new possibilities of creative experimentation to the fun and free play of instant photography.
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Easy and fun to use, the new FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI 12 is great at capturing memories in a way that smartphones simply can’t. In this video, Nick Brigadier demonstrates the features that make this instant camera a pleasure—and lots of fun—to use. Are you a fan of the FUJIFILM INSTAX line? Let us know in the Comments section, below.
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This is a fun conversation—very informative, and gets the creative chemistries gellin’. Our guest on today’s episode of the B&H Photography Podcast is Rhiannon Adam and, if there is anyone who knows more about instant film photography, I don’t want to meet them. Adam brings a wealth of researched knowledge about the history of the Polaroid company and also simple but
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Like vinyl records and your father’s wardrobe, instant cameras are back and as popular as ever. Alongside refurbished and reimagined analog cameras, many new hybrid models combine the benefits of digital capture with the immediacy of instant film. Polaroid and FUJIFILM continue to produce “true” instant film stock—the kind you expose and then wait to see develop. They share the market with a new thermal printing technology, ZINK, short for “Zero Ink,” a borderless printing process that has risen in popularity, particularly with hybrid cameras
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If you have someone under 20 years old in your life, you probably know that photo prints are in fashion again. I’m not necessarily referring to darkroom prints on fiber paper, but prints made from disposable cameras that appear in an envelope after being sent “somewhere” and, more so, prints from instant cameras. FUJIFILM and the INSTAX series of cameras have been popular for years, but several other brands have entered the market and are making
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In the following video, Larry Becker brings us a roundup of the best modern instant film cameras, including Fujifilm’s instax line and classic Polaroid cameras refurbished by the Impossible Project. Larry goes over basic operation of a few select models as well as the beauty of instant film. The models included are the refurbished Polaroid 600 Red