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When FUJIFILM'S INSTAX announced its INSTAX Pal, I knew I wanted to try it. Maybe it's memories of my borderline millennial/gen-z childhood talking, but this gadget reminded me of Hit Clips, Tamagotchis, and various other keychain toys that defined growing up in the early
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Marrying its digital and instant film systems, FUJIFILM’s INSTAX MINI EVO seems to get a lot right about what makes a successful instant film camera. It’s funny that much of what makes this camera successful is a healthy dose of inspiration from the brand’s mirrorless X system of cameras. Characterized by its retro looks and 100 distinct combinations of creative lens and film effects, this camera keeps what’s fun about instant film
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Why would you use an instant printer to print your photographs? Most people immediately visualize taking a snapshot of a friend or loved one and handing them a photograph—and that is an absolutely perfect answer to the question. However, since many of us have gotten accustomed to the print-free life of digital photography, it might be good to brainstorm and discuss some uses for the photographic print—specifically, but not limited to, the FUJIFILM INSTAX instant
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To create a “collective portrait” of any set of people is difficult, but to do so with twenty-five world-renown women artists is a monumental challenge―one that our guests have undertaken and, based on their wonderful book, Portrait of an Artist: Conversations with Trailblazing Creative Women, have accomplished. Equally as impressive is that the book’s author, Hugo Huerta Marin, weaved a personal narrative into this series of interviews
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Back with a new addition to its hugely popular line of portable instant cameras and printers, FUJIFILM brings you the INSTAX Link WIDE printer, which allows you to print any image from your smartphone in seconds, using INSTAX Wide Film. INSTAX Link WIDE Printer in Ash White Like the entire FUJIFILM INSTAX line, the new Link WIDE printer is, most essentially, about one thing—fun. In a world where Instagram and Snapchat reign supreme
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Oozing all the retro style you’d expect from FUJIFILM, the new INSTAX Mini 40 is the latest sleek and fun camera in the company’s INSTAX instant film lineup. Despite its trendy and classic appearance, the Mini 40 is built to be as intuitive as possible for an instant film camera—it’s really just a point-and-shoot in the clearest sense of the term. It’s a stylish camera that’s fun to use, easy to carry, and perfect for producing those oh-
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Time is running out to find the perfect gift for the photographer in your life. Or maybe you're the photographer and your partner, friend, spouse, or parent has just sprung the question on you: "What kind of gift should I get you?" Well, to help make things a bit easier, we've assembled a list of our top 10 last-minute gifts for photographers. 1. Mini LED Light The best item you never knew you needed, a
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Like vinyl records and your father’s wardrobe, instant cameras are back and as popular as ever. Alongside refurbished and reimagined analog cameras, many new hybrid models combine the benefits of digital capture with the immediacy of instant film. Polaroid and FUJIFILM continue to produce “true” instant film stock—the kind you expose and then wait to see develop. They share the market with a new thermal printing technology, ZINK, short for “Zero Ink,” a borderless printing process that has risen in popularity, particularly with hybrid cameras
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If you have someone under 20 years old in your life, you probably know that photo prints are in fashion again. I’m not necessarily referring to darkroom prints on fiber paper, but prints made from disposable cameras that appear in an envelope after being sent “somewhere” and, more so, prints from instant cameras. FUJIFILM and the INSTAX series of cameras have been popular for years, but several other brands have entered the market and are making
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FUJIFILM has just released INSTAX Mini 11 that has so many improvements, they skipped a number when choosing its name. It is available in a choice of five colors (Blush pink, Charcoal Gray,
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FUJIFILM’s series of INSTAX Mini cameras have been some of the most popular cameras of the past few years, despite their being instant film cameras. There is the simple pleasure of producing a physical print after each photo you take; it’s a unique keepsake of the moment. But for those times when uniqueness might not be the ultimate requirement, when you want to be able to share your images with others, there’s the INSTAX Mini LiPlay
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Get a preview of the fun and exciting FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini LiPlay Hybrid Instant Camera with this video, starring Jake Estes. There is a lot to love in this digital/instant film hybrid, which is now the smallest Instax camera in FUJIFILM’s lineup. This ultra-portable, mobile app for sending photos to the camera for printing and editing, and ability to choose one of three colors (
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The world of the FUJIFILM hybrid cameras just got more awesome, because the latest cameras got smaller and cooler. FUJIFILM is rolling out the INSTAX Mini LiPlay Hybrid Instant Camera and some funky celebratory INSTAX Mini Confetti Instant Film. The INSTAX Mini LiPlay camera weighs just over a pound and measures 5.8
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Do you have undeveloped rolls of film that have been sitting around forever? Maybe you don't even realize that you have unprocessed rolls from the "good ol' days of analog" in an old camera bag or a dresser drawer. Now is the time to look into this matter and have the chance to explore and share your memories, perhaps even rediscover events and people that memory has left behind. On this week's episode of the B&H Photography Podcast, we welcome the directors of
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Just when you thought you were saved from the Upside Down, Polaroid Originals brings you the Stranger Things Edition i-Type Camera and instant film. The original OneStep Polaroid camera, from 1977 (for those of you who may remember the 1970s), was the inspiration for the design of this analog instant camera. However, in an homage to its television-series namesake, the camera features a design like that iconic Polaroid of