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When FUJIFILM'S INSTAX announced its INSTAX Pal, I knew I wanted to try it. Maybe it's memories of my borderline millennial/gen-z childhood talking, but this gadget reminded me of Hit Clips, Tamagotchis, and various other keychain toys that defined growing up in the early
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2023 has certainly come and gone in a flash, meaning it’s time once again for us to reflect on new photo offerings in our ninth annual Cameras of the Year episode, now renamed Photo Gear of the Year. We’ll be talking with B&H Camera and Lighting Senior Sales Trainer Kevin Rickert. Featured in our discussion are 25 new releases from Canon, FUJIFILM,
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Like vinyl records and your father’s wardrobe, instant cameras are back and as popular as ever. Alongside refurbished and reimagined analog cameras, many new hybrid models combine the benefits of digital capture with the immediacy of instant film. Polaroid and FUJIFILM continue to produce “true” instant film stock—the kind you expose and then wait to see develop. They share the market with a new thermal printing technology, ZINK, short for “Zero Ink,” a borderless printing process that has risen in popularity, particularly with hybrid cameras
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Get a preview of the fun and exciting FUJIFILM INSTAX Mini LiPlay Hybrid Instant Camera with this video, starring Jake Estes. There is a lot to love in this digital/instant film hybrid, which is now the smallest Instax camera in FUJIFILM’s lineup. This ultra-portable, mobile app for sending photos to the camera for printing and editing, and ability to choose one of three colors (
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The world of the FUJIFILM hybrid cameras just got more awesome, because the latest cameras got smaller and cooler. FUJIFILM is rolling out the INSTAX Mini LiPlay Hybrid Instant Camera and some funky celebratory INSTAX Mini Confetti Instant Film. The INSTAX Mini LiPlay camera weighs just over a pound and measures 5.8
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In this B&H Event Space video, join photographer David Brommer as he shares mirrorless camera tips and elaborates on the mobility of his iPad-based workflow. Imagine the freedom of packing all your gear—including your digital darkroom—into a small shoulder bag to carry on your next trip. Brommer’s recommendations will help you trim your kit down to the essentials. Learn techniques to achieve better travel photographs, from researching your subject in advance to determining your shooting style and how you want to present the work. Discover
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In the following video, Larry Becker brings us a roundup of the best modern instant film cameras, including Fujifilm’s instax line and classic Polaroid cameras refurbished by the Impossible Project. Larry goes over basic operation of a few select models as well as the beauty of instant film. The models included are the refurbished Polaroid 600 Red