Pro Video

Another name for B&H: "Pro Video Paradise. " At least, that's the answer you'll get if you ask some of the film industry professionals who rely on us for their video equipment needs. But even though our extensive inventory, ranging from high-end video editing software and studio-quality gear to state-of-the-art production equipment and comprehensive service solutions, has garnered an avid following among advanced technicians and leading creative minds across multiple industries, B&H is also the retailer of choice for savvy amateur video shoppers worldwide.

Why? Simply put, we know your stuff—and we give it to you straight. Whether you're an aspiring up-and-comer or a seasoned pro, our knowledgeable sales staff will point you to the best video camera based on your budget, your preferences and how you intend to use it. And we won't pressure you to buy on the spot, or at all. We don't work on commission, so we just want you to get what you need—that's all!

Want to know how to make a video, or how to edit a video? We've collected dozens of articles and step-by-step tutorials explaining exactly that (and more!) on our Explora blog. What's more, you can also delve into topics ranging from film techniques to media production to how to break into professional video.

In addition to supporting tried-and-true video art forms, B&H is also committed to emerging platforms and cutting-edge technology, like aerial imaging, 360° video and virtual reality. We already stock many hard-to-find solutions for early adopters, content creators and consumers in these arenas. Want to shoot the first 360° wedding video? We can help.

B&H aims to be your go-to video source, whether you're involved in television, broadcasting or filmmaking, or produce vlogs, webisodes or music videos. As part of our mission to provide a panoramic shopping experience, you can trust us to support your video equipment-buying decision from start to finish, and beyond!