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In this fifth and final part of our Outdoor Portrait Photography Series, join Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis in the desert as he creates high-end portraiture using an off-camera flash during sunset. You'll learn how to balance low ambient light with one flash as the sun sinks below the horizon. 0:00 - Today’s Photoshoot 0:43 - Silhouettes and Multiple Exposure 2:33 - Off-Camera Flash 5:14 - No Flash 6:20 - Recap We hope you enjoyed this five-part series! Did you learn anything new? What was your favorite part? Share your thoughts and
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Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis believes that a reflector is just as effective as a flash. But how do you use a reflector? Should you use the white, gold, or silver side? In Part 4 of our Outdoor Portrait Photography Series, join Ghionis on an outdoor photo shoot as he explains how to use a reflector and natural light for high-end portraiture. 0:00 - Using the Environment to Reflect Natural Light 3:56 - Reflector and Natural Light 10:32 - Diffuser Do reflectors and diffusers factor into your photography? Tell us how you use them in the
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Even when there's harsh sunlight, the location is "ugly," and you don’t have an off-camera flash, high-end portraits are possible! In Part 3 of our Outdoor Portrait Photography Series, Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis shows you how to find good natural lighting and how to pose your models. Join him for an outdoor photoshoot in downtown Las Vegas. 0:00 - 5 Steps for a Great Photograph 0:34 - Setup 1 3:41 - Setup 2 10:01 - Setup 3 13:59 - Recap and What's Next? Are you a pro at using natural light in your shots? Share your tips in the Comments
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While the photographer's skill and technique help make a portrait great, understanding how to prepare for your shoot and what gear you’ll need is a vital aspect of photography. In Part 2 of our Outdoor Portrait Photography Series, Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis shares how he plans his shoots and explains the thought process behind his gear selection. He also discusses what options might work for you, regardless of if your setup is minimal or in “beast” mode. 0:00 – Prepping and Location Scouting 2:37 - Cameras and Lenses 7:57 - Ghionis’s Gear
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Many budding sports and wildlife photographers dream of larger and larger lenses that get them closer to the action while letting in more light—allowing blazing-fast, action-freezing shutter speeds that capture priceless moments on the field or out in the field. But, with long lenses comes the increased chance of camera shake due to the extreme focal lengths. How do we combat physics here? Well, if you are entering the world of the
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Grab your camera and get out there with this new outdoor portrait photography series! Nikon Ambassador Jerry Ghionis takes us around Las Vegas to demonstrate the ins and outs of outdoor portrait photography. From the gear you’ll need to utilizing natural light, modifiers, strobes, and more, you'll walk away with a new skill set at your disposal. Check out the other parts of this series: Part 2: Research Tips and
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The ubiquitous shoulder-mounted camera bag is a fantastic camera carrying solution for almost any type of photography—except when it comes to wildlife and nature photography. If you are hiking far from civilization and deep into nature—be it a forest, tundra, mountains, desert, or jungle—you’ll likely bring a dedicated hiking backpack. Luckily for nature photographers, camera bag manufacturers and manufacturers of traditional hiking packs have created
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When you head out into the wilderness armed with a pro camera and big telephoto lens to tackle some awesome wildlife, landscape, and bird photography, you had best be sure to have the right accessories for your adventures! Let’s take a look at the best accessories for wildlife photography because—trust me—you don’t want to be the only photographer out there without a cool camouflage lens cover! Tripods I’ve said it before and I am saying it again:
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In this video, join Westcott Top Pro Ian Spanier as he deconstructs a recent location shoot. Spanier explains how he uses harsh sunlight to his advantage and finds the best solutions to the limitations of on-location photoshoots. 0:00 - Introduction 1:43 - Problem Solving on Location 6:13 - Gear 9:38 - Open Shade: The Sun as a Backlight / Sun Flares: The Sun as a Highlight 18:20 - Using Reflectors: The Power of Light Compels You! 21:16 - Review: Tips & Tricks 25:44 - Avoid the "Bad Light" 30:25 - Using the Sun as Your Key Light 33:00 - Be
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When it comes to bird and wildlife photography, the one word you need to know is: telephoto! If you've ever tried to approach birds or wild animals (not too close, please!) you've likely noticed they usually don't take kindly to humans and fly or scamper off before you get close enough for a photograph. The magic of the telephoto lens allows you to get "up close" without getting… up close. For birding and wildlife, getting closer usually means using lenses with a minimum 300mm focal length. We've all seen spectacular wildlife images by top
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When you’re photographing landscapes, it’s important to look beyond the location to showcase its magic. Canon Explorer of Light Erin Babnik shares the ways in which she utilizes all the tools at her disposal (from gear to editing) to tell the story of a location, from her own point of view. 0:00 Introduction 0:43 Overview 8:13 Looking Beyond Locations 18:35 What is a Landscape? 24:21 Five Helpful Habits 53:03 Final Thoughts Sponsored by
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Outdoor photographer L. Renee, aka Urban Climbr, shares five tips for preparing for an adventure photo shoot, such as choosing your gear, getting creative, and other important items to bring along. 0:00 Introduction 0:17 Tip 1 0:58 Tip 2 1:40 Tip 3 2:21 Tip 4 2:40 Tip 5 3:32 Final Thoughts  
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This is our guide to some gorgeous photography locations, in Monterey, California. Follow along as we show you the historical district, rocky beaches, wildlife, and other natural wonders! What are some of your favorite travel-photo subjects and locations? Tell us about them in the Comments section.
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Professional travel photographer Esteban Toro has a talent for visual storytelling and capturing immersive photos that allow you to see the world from his point of view. Join him on a journey to Alaska and learn how prior research can help you capture incredible images, like the ones in this video! Have you traveled to Alaska with a camera? What was your experience like? Tell us about it in the Comments section.
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How does black-and-white landscape photography differ from its colorful counterpart? The former relies on textures, contrast, light, and strong composition to create images that make a lasting impression. Sony Alpha Collective member Mahesh Thapa shares his recommendations for utilizing these elements in your monochromatic landscape photography. How do you incorporate these components into your own photography? Join the conversation in the Comments section, below.