Camera Straps & Harnesses

by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 10/18/2023
The ubiquitous shoulder-mounted camera bag is a fantastic camera carrying solution for almost any type of photography—except when it comes to wildlife and nature photography. If you are hiking far from civilization and deep into nature—be it a forest, tundra, mountains, desert, or jungle—you’ll likely bring a dedicated hiking backpack. Luckily for nature photographers, camera bag manufacturers and manufacturers of traditional hiking packs have created
0 Views ·Posted 06/13/2023
Packing for a landscape photography trip can be stressful. Thankfully, Autumn Schrock is here to help you figure it all out. She explains what you should consider when planning a photo shoot and how to choose your gear and clothing accordingly. 0:00 - Introduction 2:52 - Questions for Preparing 14:26 - Packing List 42:20 - Camera Bags and How Schrock Packs Her Backpack 52:40 - More from Schrock 54:22 - Q&A 1:07:08 - Final Thoughts Ready to set out on your own trip to capture beautiful landscapes? Let us know what you’ll pack in the
0 Views ·Posted 03/17/2023
Get ready to improve your photos! Matt Zefi shares 10 common landscape-photography mistakes but explains how to fix them. What mistakes have you made when taking landscape photos? How did you fix them? 0:00 - Introduction 0:38 - Mistake 1 1:07 - Mistake 2 1:30 - Mistake 3 1:56 - Mistake 4 2:18 - Mistake 5 2:39 - Mistake 6 3:11 - Mistake 7 4:02 - Mistake 8 4:33 - Mistake 9 4:55 - Mistake 10
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 08/07/2023
A gift guide for something everyone already gets (for free) in the box with their new camera? Yes! Almost every camera on the market today comes with its own camera strap. For the most part, those camera straps are pretty solid. But, hear me out, aftermarket camera straps are a fantastic upgrade to your or a loved one’s camera. Need more convincing? Best Reasons to Ditch the OEM Strap As serviceable and perfectly fine as the strap that came with your