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Sony’s MDR-MV1 headphones are designed for musicians, engineers, and producers looking for professional-quality open-back reference headphones that don’t sacrifice comfort! Andrew Swift explains what makes these headphones so great. Are these Sony MDR-MV1 headphones appealing to you? Let us know in the Comments section, below.
by Mos Khan ·Posted 09/13/2023
It's officially that keynote time of year again and this Tuesday, September 12, Tim Cook and company kicked off the week with Apple's "Wonderlust" event from the company's headquarters in Cupertino, CA. While the keynote's main event was certainly unveiling the iPhone 15 family of devices, additional incremental updates for the Apple Watch and AirPods were announced, too. The company also took some time to run through some of the changes and quality-of-life updates in iOS 17 and watchOS 10. iPhone 15, now with USB-C! Keeping with its usual
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From its roots as a small mom-and-pop store to the worldwide brand it is today, B&H Photo Video Pro Audio has been helping professionals and amateurs alike achieve their photo, video, and pro audio goals since 1973. This year marks 50 years of business for B&H and, to celebrate the occasion, we hosted the Bild Expo, a two-day conference at the Javits Center in Manhattan, on September 6–7
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Sony is announcing a new reference headphone product aimed at the studio professional who grasps the importance of mixing and mastering in immersive, spatial sound formats: the MDR-MV1. Utilizing a dynamic, open-back design, these headphones sport an incredibly wide frequency response, well-balanced, high-resolution drivers, and a stylish, durable frame for pro-level performance that won’t feel uncomfortable after long sessions―and
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Updating its successful, award-winning NTH-100 professional headphones, RØDE adds greater versatility and broadcast quality sound with the NTH-Mic detachable headset microphone and NTH-100M full headset/mic bundle.
by John Foldi ·Posted 08/09/2022
Making a dramatic change in design and a huge leap forward in functionality, Sennheiser announces the MOMENTUM 4, the newest entry in its venerable line of high-end wireless headphones. Compared to the MOMENTUM 3, gone is the classic metal look with exposed cabling. Gone is the foldability of the earcups. Replacing these features is a clean, modern aesthetic with a fabric-covered headband and fold-flat earcups; but the
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At some point, every producer/engineer wonders the same thing: is it possible to get an accurate mix on headphones? And if so, what is the magic pair of headphones that makes this possible? Neumann’s new open-back headphone offering, the NDH-30, is designed specifically to be the affirmative answer to this question, providing creators with a finely calibrated studio speaker system housed in the form of a pair of headphones that can
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When RØDE built the NTH-100 Headphones, it was guided by the belief that every audio creator deserves to hear their sound in a thoroughly rewarding way. From the custom-matched drivers and modular design to innovative features that make you wish this happened years ago, the RØDE NTH-100 command attention without commandeering your budget. Plus, since they were conjured and constructed in-house at RØDE’s facility in Australia, you
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Right now, the idea of heading back to school means different things for different people. For some, it means returning to a full-time schedule on a conventional campus or classroom. For others, it’s attending a virtual classroom or participating in some variation of remote learning. But regardless of what “back to school” means to you, there are plenty of great headphone options to address all your wants and needs.  One of the most important
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With Shure’s latest releases, you can use the RMCE-TW2 second-generation true wireless adapters to turn your favorite detachable Shure SE Series earphones into capable true wireless earbuds, or opt for pre-bundled, lifestyle-integrating true wireless earphones or premium in-ear monitors for the stage, studio, and everywhere in-between. The
by John Foldi ·Posted 09/01/2021
The newly announced Bose® QuietComfort™ 45 headphones retain a lot of what QuietComfort™ 35 II fans came to love and adds even more. You get the same great active noise cancellation, ability to convert them for wired use, volume-optimized EQ, and more, but can now enjoy improved battery life, clearer hands-free calls, and a new Aware Mode that lets you interact with others without needing to remove your headphones.
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In June 2021, Apple revealed two exciting developments for music lovers: Apple Lossless and Apple Spatial Audio, each on offer for Apple Music, and each available now—provided you have the right hardware and the right OS. What does this mean for you, the consumer? Let’s take a look. Apple Lossless We need to begin by defining “lossless” and “lossy.” I’ll use a mnemonic device to make it simple: A lossless file exhibits no loss of audio quality when compared to the original master. A lossy file—such as an MP3 or an AAC—does exhibit a loss in
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With more and more companies offering CD-quality streams, hi-res tiers, and lossless audio options, the temptation to reserve a bit more of the paycheck for pleasurable listening is greater than ever. Apple, Amazon, Tidal, Quboz, Deezer, and others have concluded that giving music lovers extra fidelity is a worthwhile endeavor, a move that is generally applauded by industry professionals and “normal people” alike. However, before you shell out various monies on high-quality streaming services, make sure your hardware (physical devices) can
by Robert Rives ·Posted 03/05/2021
Musicians, DJs, sound engineers, and others looking for a workhorse pair of in-ear headphones will be pleased to hear that Sennheiser has announced a new member in its series of earphones aimed at professional users. The IE 100 PRO follows the IE 500 PRO and IE 400 PRO models and offers the same modular design elements that allow these in-ear models to function as either wired or wireless monitors. By simply attaching either the 3.5mm
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 02/16/2021
For music creators, producers, and engineers seeking a thoroughly fulfilling headphone experience akin to listening through studio monitors, Focal offers the Clear MG Professional, a set of high-end Hi-Fi headphones built to exude world-class looks, sound, and feel. Like the original Clear Professional, these cans incorporate a circumaural, open-back design, but the MG model elevates the performance to provide an