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Join Andrew Swift in the studio as he compares the Audio-Technica AT2020USB-XP to the AT2040USB. He explains which microphone is better for livestreaming, podcasting, filming YouTube videos, and recording music. 0:00 - In this Video 0:37 - Condenser vs. Dynamic 1:20 - Acoustic Instrument Test 1:43 - AT2020USB-XP Ambient Noise Reduction Test 2:55 - AT2020USB-XP Automatic Gain Control Test 3:41 - What is the AT2040USB Good For? 4:14 -
by Trevor Collins ·Posted 08/17/2023
With the holidays fast approaching, now is a great time to spice up your home studio with some delectable new gear. And what could make a bigger difference than a brand-new microphone? A good microphone can make or break a production, so it’s always vital to have a quality mic in your toolbox for addressing whatever recording scenario you might encounter. That’s why we’ve saved you some time and assembled a list of the best recording microphones on the market, as of 2023. So, without further ado, let’s dive in! Microphone Introduction Before
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It’s easy to get great audio while recording at home if you have the right equipment. Join Shure Market Development Specialist Russ Helfman as he teaches you all you need to know using Shure’s MOTIV line of USB microphones. 0:00 - Introduction 1:24 - MV5c Mic 6:01 - MV51 Mic 10:17 - MV7 Mic 14:04 - MOTIV App with the MV7 Mic 21:04 - MV88 Mic with App Control 24:48 - XLR vs. USB Mics 30:19 - How to "Tweak" Mic Settings 32:04 - Laptop Mic vs. USB Mics 33:10 - The Benefits of Using USB mics 37:37 - Final Thoughts  Sponsored by
by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 06/30/2023
Logitech continues to be the one-stop shop for content creators. Featuring premium lighting solutions, cameras, and microphones, Logitech’s catalog of creator-focused accessories reflects a growing customer base that values quality, functionality, and aesthetics. Read on for highlights of some of Logitech’s most noteworthy peripherals. We’ll tell you why they would make a good addition to your own streaming setup. StreamCam When it comes to cameras, creators today have many solid options to choose from. While a vlogger might opt for a more
by Robert Rives ·Posted 05/17/2023
Podcasters, gamers, and content creators have a lot of USB microphone options these days, but when a proven performer like the Audio-Technica AT2040 gets updated with a USB-C connector, that's a really exciting development. Behold the new AT2040USB USB Microphone, poised to deliver rich speech and vocal tones directly to your computer at resolutions up to 24-bit / 96 kHz. In addition to the USB port
by Trevor Collins ·Posted 05/16/2023
The recent rise of digital media production platforms like podcasting, streaming, and content creation have presented opportunities for new voices in the audio world to make a name for themselves. One such voice that has recently made waves is a Canadian company by the name of BEACN. With several recent products that have taken the streaming world by storm, such as the BEACN Mix and
by Trevor Collins ·Posted 04/27/2023
Teenage Engineering, maker of powerful, intuitive, engaging, and portable creative products, is continuing its proud tradition with one of the smallest professional studio mics ever built, the CM-15 portable studio condenser microphone. Packing a powerful large diaphragm, audiophile-grade A/D converter, and a dual XLR and USB-C output design, the CM-15 is set up to change the game in portable
by Robert Rives ·Posted 04/18/2023
RØDE has hit the ground running at the 2023 NAB convention in Las Vegas by announcing a plethora of new products aimed at podcasters, streamers, and creative content producers, including the Streamer X audio/video livestreaming system, the RØDECaster Duo audio production studio, the
by Robert Rives ·Posted 03/14/2023
Revered manufacturer Sennheiser is bringing its years of audio expertise to streamers and podcasters with the new Profile USB Microphone, a versatile and easy-to-use USB-C mic that’s ready for a wide variety of content creation, streaming, gaming, and educational applications when paired with your computer or mobile device.
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Few RØDE products are as iconic or well known as the NT1 large-diaphragm condenser microphone, and now RØDE is proud to introduce its latest update to that popular line of large-diaphragm mics, the NT1 5th Generation. Available in black or silver varieties, this next-generation
by Robert Rives ·Posted 01/26/2023
IK Multimedia is known for providing practical, cost-effective solutions to real-world audio problems, and its new USB microphone/audio interface addition applies that expertise to podcasting and streaming applications. The iRig Stream Mic Pro combines a condenser microphone and 24-bit / 96 kHz audio interface in one convenient package that’s ready to plug in to your computer for instant streaming
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Join Gabriel Richards as he demonstrates shows the features of the RØDE X XCM-50 and XDM-100, two USB-C microphones that are perfect for podcasters, streamers, and gamers! Using these microphones with RØDE's UNIFY software allows for an all-in-one solution for your audio needs. Compare their sound reproduction in this video, and let us know what you think, in the Comments section. Which works best for your setup? 0:00 - Introduction 1:04 - Highlighted Specs for Both
by Eric Calvi ·Posted 11/15/2022
Updating its lineup of USB microphones, RØDE has recently announced the new iteration of the company’s popular NT-USB, the NT-USB+ desktop USB-C microphone with next-generation features for recording exceptional audio directly to a computer, smartphone, or tablet. NT-USB+ Desktop USB-C Microphone Aimed at musicians and content creators
by Eric Calvi ·Posted 11/09/2022
Deity Microphones has announced the V-Mic D4, a hybrid analog/USB camera-mount shotgun microphone for content creators, run-and-gun videographers, livestreamers, and podcasters. The mic improves on the original V-Mic D3 with significant upgrades to the sound quality, shockmount, gain knob, wind protection, cable, and with the very cool addition of a USB-C port, all offered at a surprisingly affordable price.
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 12/06/2022
Audio-Technica bills its AT2020USB-X as “the best microphone for streaming, podcasting, recording music, gaming, and video recording.” This is a pretty lofty claim, but if anyone can live up to it, it’s Audio-Technica. The company has a stellar reputation in pro audio circles for sonics, reliability, and relatively low prices; one can get a lush studio sound with Audio-Technica mics at a fraction of the cost of, say