RØDE X Microphones: XCM-50 and XDM-100


Join Gabriel Richards as he demonstrates shows the features of the RØDE X XCM-50 and XDM-100, two USB-C microphones that are perfect for podcasters, streamers, and gamers! Using these microphones with RØDE's UNIFY software allows for an all-in-one solution for your audio needs. Compare their sound reproduction in this video, and let us know what you think, in the Comments section. Which works best for your setup?

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 1:04 - Highlighted Specs for Both Microphones
  • 3:11 - XCM-50
  • 4:07 - XDM-100
  • 4:51 - RØDE X UNIFY Software
  • 6:57 - Final Thoughts