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LG’s OLED offerings for 2024 have finally been released, with a list of features that aims to provide a high-quality home theater experience for movies, convenient access to streaming TV, and smoother, more responsive gaming. Additionally, LG has added three new models to its QNED line of displays. Whether you prefer the self-lit pixels and deep contrast of OLED, or the back-lit brilliance of QNED, LG has an option to fit your home and budget. The selection of new
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The best TVs are more than just a pretty screen. They’re feature rich and fairly priced. They cater to your personal needs and viewing preferences, and they fit comfortably within the confines of your home viewing area. In other words, the best TVs aren’t necessarily defined by a certain spec or feature; they’re defined by you, the viewer. To help you find the best TV for your viewing setup, we’ve put together a list of
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Ushering in a new era of home entertainment, Samsung has announced its 2023 lineup of Mini-LED and OLED televisions and lifestyle projectors. Building upon previous successes and existing hardware, Samsung leverages AI deep learning to enhance visual quality, while offering the latest in cloud gaming and built-in smart home control. All smart TVs also come equipped with Samsung TV Plus, for 100% free, ad-supported TV programming. In 2023, Samsung not only offers you new TVs and projectors, but also provides a centerpiece for your modern and