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Pre-production is a crucial step in filmmaking that ensures your creative vision is captured on set. In this video, Jabari Holder, Doug Guerra, and Gabriel Richards talk about how their pre-production process affected their short film shoot and post-production. 0:00 - Today's Film Shoot 2:17 - ARRI Alexa 35 4:50 - Lenses & Accessories 8:17 - Lighting 9:36 - Audio 10:35 - Video Shoot 14:49 - Video Editing 16:40 - Audio Editing 18:13 - Final Film 20:51 - Final Thoughts What does your pre-production process look like? Let us know in the
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 11/14/2023
Get your closeups here! Atlas Lens Co. has just announced an expansion of its Mercury Anamorphic cinema prime lens line and is introducing three new lenses in Group II: 54mm T2.2, 95mm T2.2, and
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DZOFilm's line of Tango S35 Zoom lenses boasts impressive zoom ranges—including the 18-90mm and 65-280mm—and quality craftsmanship, a pleasing cinematic look, and other alluring features. In this B&H video, Scott Owsley tests the 18-90mm T2.9. 0:00 - About These Lenses 1:06 - In This Video 1:33 - Specs 4:59 - Sample Footage 6:56 - Final Thoughts Do you own any of DZOFilm’s Tango S35 Zoom lenses? Let us know what you think of them
by Tim Ireland ·Posted 11/14/2023
Macro photography allows photographers to explore the intricate details of subjects at a 1:1 or greater magnification ratio. However, capturing sharp, stable, and well-lit macro shots can be challenging, due to factors like camera shake, focusing difficulties, and lighting issues. This comprehensive guide will delve into the support systems and related tools that can enhance your macro photography experience, addressing specific challenges that may arise. Stabilization Tools Studio Stands: Studio stands are large, stable support systems
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What are anamorphic lenses and how do they achieve their cinematic look? What does it mean to de-squeeze? What's so special about bokeh? Matt Matkin answers these questions and others! Are you a fan of anamorphic lenses? Share your thoughts in the Comments section, below.
by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 09/06/2023
It’s here! The Tango Zoom lens line teased by DZOFilm at NAB earlier this year has finally dropped, adding cinema-grade optics and ENG functionality to your Super35 shooting. Two focal lengths—18 to 90mm and 65 to 280mm—are available in imperial and metric markings, as well as in two
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No matter how much filmmaking continues to innovate and progress, we always have an appreciation for nostalgia. Contemporary film projects that use older, classic lenses is a never-ending trend, but that does not come without its own unique issues. Now, with the release of the new SP3 Full Frame Cine Lenses, Cooke invites you to partake in this nostalgia with these Speed Panchro-inspired lenses, which have been optimized
by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 09/05/2023
Do you find yourself saying "They don't make movies like they used to?" Does your Letterboxd contain titles like The Godfather or Alien? Do you want to achieve an anamorphic style in your videography without buying a whole new lens set? Look no further than the Tuner Variable Look Lens Attachments from Module 8. The tuners come in three subsets to achieve a vintage cinema feel with your cinema grade equipment. The L1,
by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 09/02/2023
Bright Tangerine has announced the Misfit Kick Mk II multi-configurable matte box system. An upgraded version of the Misfit Kick matte box, the Mk II features improved tool-less transition from 2- to 3-stage filter applications and a redesigned spring system in the core unit.
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 09/01/2023
Angenieux is making it easy to swap your professional zoom lens between Super 35 and Full Frame/Vista Vision cameras without needing to procure an additional lens with the new EZ-3 Series Convertible Super 35 and Full-Frame/VistaVision zoom lens. The convertible feature of this lens makes it perfect for switching between cinema, broadcast, and ENG cameras without missing a beat or lugging a second zoom lens.
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 08/25/2023
After a relatively quiet summer, this past week's busy release schedule is putting us back in action. RØDE announced an even more impressive mic system for creators: the Wireless PRO. This brings 32-bit float recording and other "pro" features, like timecode, to the series. Tamron continues to show off more and more glass and better compatibility with the development of a
by Luke Rollins ·Posted 08/23/2023
Joining Hasselblad’s X System of mirrorless medium format lenses, the company is announcing the lightweight, compact XCD 28mm f/4 P wide-angle lens. As a sleek prime with an impressively low-profile form factor, high-quality optics, and precision focusing technology, the XCD 28mm f/4 P lens was designed to take outsized, medium-format photography into the chaotic confines of city streets.
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Jabari Holder tests the video quality of almost every entry-level ZEISS digital cinema lens available, from the CP.3 and LWZ.3 series. He also compares them to the Zeiss Otus, Milvus, Loxia, and Batis lenses. 0:00 - Introduction 0:52 - The Zeiss Look 1:52 - Photo vs. Cine Lenses 7:19 - CP.3 8:51 - LWZ.3 10:21 - Otus 11:23 - Milvus 12:23 - Loxia 13:26 - Batis 14:05 - Final Thoughts Are you a ZEISS fan? Tell us why in the Comments section, below.
by Stepan Andranikian ·Posted 08/14/2023
Imagine you're in the process of actualizing your lifelong cinema dreams, only to be dissuaded by the astonishing prices of camera gear―and I don’t blame you! Price tags on camera equipment can be quite discouraging, and it's not uncommon for a lens to cost more than the camera itself, especially if we’re talking cinema glass. However, before you throw your dreams of snagging that Academy Award for Best Cinematography in the proverbial trash can, there are plenty of economical, high-quality cinema lens options available to accommodate just