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by Richard Stevens ·Posted
When ELAC introduced its original Debut ConneX DCB41 powered speaker system, it was met with much of the same praise the brand has become accustomed to hearing. Terms like “expansive soundstage, detailed high frequencies,” and “value leader” have practically become synonymous with ELAC. As great as the original design was and is, it’s hard to stand out in a crowded speaker landscape that’s filled with similar innards and bland black boxes.
by Atane Ofiaja ·Posted
Since its introduction in 2013, the Aria line of speakers by Focal has been a popular choice for audiophiles and home theater enthusiasts alike. The French manufacturer unveiled the new and revamped Aria Evo X range that includes three floorstanding speakers, a bookshelf speaker, and a center channel. Focal Aria Evo X N°1 Two-Way Bookshelf Speaker Visually, the new Aria Evo X maintains the sleek, modern appearance of the
by Mos Khan ·Posted
Let's face it: even the best TVs have a built-in speaker system that flat out doesn't cut it. When you’re building a home hi-fi system or a home theater system, one of the most important choices you have to make is the size and type of speakers you’ll need for your space. Whether you're just looking to upgrade your living room TV or building a dedicated home theater setup, there is a great deal of aftermarket equipment that can help you
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted
They arrived on my doorstep nestled in a cardboard box—two Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 Anniversary Edition Speakers, offered on loan for review. These bookshelf speakers are geared for hi-fi enthusiasts who might not have the wherewithal to go full “rabbit hole” on the pursuit.