Computer Peripherals & Accessories

by Mos Khan ·Posted 01/17/2023
When it comes to computer peripherals, Logitech is one of the most widely recognized and well-regarded brands available. Not surprisingly, its exhaustive list of accessories includes several peripherals that pair nicely with Apple’s long list of computer offerings. Here’s a closer look at some of the current offerings of Apple-exclusive accessories, including those geared toward getting the most out of your MacBook series laptop. MX Master 3S I have two desktop setups, one at home with my Macbook and PC combined, and an office setup that is PC
by Steven Esposito ·Posted 09/28/2022
Complement your Apple products with Logitech's latest wireless mice and keyboards. Designed to enhance productivity across a wide range of Apple's family of devices, from the MacBook Pro to the iPad Pro, Logitech has developed something for everyone. MX Master 3S Mouse Optimized for macOS and iPadOS, the MX Master 3S for Mac Mouse builds on Logitech's previous design with speed, precision, and near-silent operation suitable for work and home. Sporting an ergonomic design and a
by Staff Writer ·Posted 08/29/2022
MSI knows that no two gamers are alike. That’s why MSI offers a diverse range of gaming laptops suitable for any type of gamer. First-person shooter (FPS) enthusiasts should check out MSI’s collection of Raider GE and
by Rebecca Melville ·Posted 07/18/2022
With excitement for the new academic year kicking up, we are looking for the right products to bring the comforts and security of home to college. Big transitions, such as leaving for school again, or for the first time, can be difficult for many of us. As a college grad with a younger brother going away to school for the first time, I have been thinking about how to prepare him for anything college life can dish out. Here is a handful of products I’ve shown him that you might also consider bringing along as you embark on a new semester. The
by Steven Wong ·Posted 11/18/2020
Whether you’re traveling from city to city or from one room to the next in your house, staying productive can often mean rushing to pack up your stuff and quickly getting settled at a new location. That’s usually easy when you’re just working from a small laptop, but you might want the comfort and precision of external peripherals when working, which can slow you down when it’s time to leave. Fortunately, you can have it all by using Microsoft wireless peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and number pads to provide comfort and precision while
by Steven Wong ·Posted 10/02/2020
When it comes to creating content, artists and other professionals may often switch between multiple devices or employ complicated shortcuts to streamline their workflow. But Sensel sought to put an end to multi-device workflow inefficiencies with the Sensel Morph—a wireless pressure-sensing multi-touch control surface that can be customized to handle almost any task, including music production, video editing, and even
by Steven Wong ·Posted 07/07/2020
Mac and iPad users may now enjoy even greater productivity with the Logitech MX Master 3 for Mac Wireless Mouse and MX Keys for Mac Wireless Keyboard. Sporting the iconic Space Gray color, these newly revealed peripherals are designed to enhance the Apple device experience. MASTERED FOR Mac — IN SPACE GRAY FINISH In
by Stephen Janiszak ·Posted 03/14/2018
Do you spend countless hours sitting behind computer monitors, typing away on a keyboard, working for The Man? Studies show that sitting can have a variety of detrimental health effects. Thus, it is imperative that you make a concerted effort to transform your workspace into a healthy workspace. Doing so can result in a better quality of life and improved overall health. You may be wondering where to start. One of the most important aspects of your workspace is your desk. This is where you get your work done, where you sit and toil away for
by Patrick Chiang ·Posted 01/10/2018
Most PC gamers you ask would tell you that they're using a wired mouse, but that doesn't mean there's no love for wireless ones; however, one drawback is abundantly clear for most users: recharging things are a pain. Luckily, at CES 2018, Razer announced its HyperFlux wireless technology, which is built into the redesigned Razer Mamba HyperFlux mouse and Firefly HyperFlux mousepad. With this combo, you'll have the freedom of a wireless mouse without the hassle of replacing batteries or dealing with docks—just as if it were a wired mouse—as
by Patrick Chiang ·Posted 12/04/2017
So, you just started playing competitive online games on the PC, yet you keep getting “rekt” in every match. Sound familiar? Well, aside from your lack of experience and skill, it might be because the veterans have a few tricks or two up their sleeves. Now, before you start getting salty and accuse people of cheating, you too can wield this mighty power—at a price, of course. Here to assist you are Logitech’s G-series gaming peripherals, designed to provide you with the accuracy, precision, and features many gamers use to reach the top of the
by Patrick Chiang ·Posted 02/12/2019
The best parts of building your own system are the flexibility, component options, savings, and the “I did it myself” feeling of accomplishment. I’ve also been looking at computers since I was a kid and, to this day, manufacturers will offer something like a top-tier Core™ i7 processor with 64GB of RAM, a 1TB SSD, and a GTX 1030. And just like you, I’m whispering the same three words to myself. Not all manufacturers do this, but let’s put that aside for now, because our goal is to help you build the best within your budget. Below we’ve
by Tim Chan ·Posted 02/23/2017
Rack-mountable servers are the backbone of many corporations, data centers, and creative environments such as video-editing studios; so, taking care of them is vital and beneficial. With enterprise-class server systems costing thousands of dollars, it’s important to maximize your investment with accessories that provide ease of use during daily workflows. Thankfully, companies like StarTech offer products that are engineered to extend the life of older servers, allowing you to upgrade them easily to the latest technologies. Let’s dig deeper
by Cris Silvestri ·Posted 08/03/2016
There are a few things I wish I had in college that would have made life a little easier to handle. Gadgets and gizmos aplenty, as Ariel crooned, and whozits and whatsits galore. Actually, I’ve braided my hair with a fork, so I’m with you, sister. But if I had some of the items from this list of gadgets, I would probably have enjoyed life a little more back then (and honestly, probably failed some classes). If you’re about to enter the hallowed halls of college, consider taking some of these items along. 1. Sony Digital Paper System  
by Cris Silvestri ·Posted 08/19/2015
Memory cards are as ubiquitous as memory itself—almost every mobile device you own has some type of built-in storage, from cameras to iPods to tablets, and almost every device has a slot for adding additional storage space. Storage on a device can range from a couple of gigabytes of memory to dozens of gigabytes. You’ll soon find, though, that it’s never enough. Photographers Love CF Photographers are a rare breed. From amateur to professional, photographers depend on gear to make a difference in their art, and some of them produce astounding
by Steven Wong ·Posted 04/02/2020
People can’t get enough Internet these days–and neither can some devices. Many now depend on an Internet connection to offer full functionality. In addition to TVs, various 4K-capable streaming devices, gaming consoles, and computers, there’s probably at least one can opener for sale that has an Internet port. Lots of devices offer enhanced functionality when connected to the Internet, but sometimes a Wi-Fi signal just isn’t strong enough in some areas of your home. In some cases, the devices don’t even have Wi-Fi as an option. Even if Wi-Fi