Astro Photography

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Join astro/landscape photographer Matt Hill as he shares a few simple tips to get beautiful dusk and golden-hour photos full of rich, vibrant, and accurate colors. 0:00 - Introduction 3:46 - Why Night Photographers Photograph the Sunset and Twilight 11:03 - Good Capture Leads to Good Edits 14:04 - What Color is Twilight? / Mojave Case Study 24:59 - Twilight Capture Settings 27:16 - Color Checker 29:24 - Editing in Lightroom Classic 33:13 - How to Apply Color-Checker Calibration to Photos 44:58 - Creating a Signature Method 47:42 - The Color
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Watch as professional cityscape and landscape photographer Jennifer Khordi breaks down her process of planning and shooting the Milky Way and the Moon over New York City. Khordi demonstrates how she plans her shots using PhotoPills and shares her favorite photos. 0:00 - Introduction 0:40 - Gear for Photographing the Milky Way 1:02 - Imagine, Plan, Shoot 3:28 - Composition: Know Your Subject 5:45 - Photos of the Milky Way at Different Times 7:55 - Using the Photopills App and Light Pollution 15:20 - Blended Photos of Blue Hour 23:12 - Gear for
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Photographer Imma Barrera has spent many nights under the sky, capturing its beauty in order to to raise awareness about protecting the night sky from light pollution. Watch as Barrera discusses photographing nightscapes throughout the National Park System, and learn about her planning, camera settings, and the gear she uses to get the perfect night sky shot.  0:00 - Introduction and About Imma 5:23 - Agenda 6:50 - Under the Night Sky Project 13:11 - Milky Way 22:06 - Gear 26:36 - Settings to Capture the Night Sky 28:42 - Star Trails 31:21 -
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It has probably happened to all of us—a missed photographic moment. We are photographers. We usually have a camera at the ready. But, for one reason or another, we miss a shot of a beautiful vista or a fleeting, but perfect, moment in time and we are left with nothing but the memory of the image that never was captured.  I asked my fellow B&H photographers, as well as our B&H Creative partners and affiliates, to share with us the heartbreaking story, or stories, of the photographs they have failed to capture. 
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Interested in photographing the stars at night but not sure where to start? During this class, professional photographer Alison Carlino discusses the gear needed, how to plan for night sky adventures, how to focus in the darkness, the basics of how to light-paint objects, and how to capture star trails for the purpose of compositing in StarStaX. She also reviews realistic post-processing of the images in Lightroom. 0:00 - Introduction 6:13 - About Alison 8:56 - In This Presentation 9:37 - Gear 14:35 - Planning 20:37 - How to Focus in the Dark
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Join professional photographer Jennifer Wu as she details how to photograph the night sky and the Milky Way. You will learn how to plan, with the PhotoPills app and other websites, what kind of photography gear to look for, how to compose your night photos, and more. And for more night photography-related stories and content on Explora, turn to our Night Photography site. What are your tips for capturing the night sky and photographing at night? Share them with us in the
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This is your beginner guide on how to photograph the northern lights, one of the most beautiful phenomena in the night sky. Canon Technical Advisor Eric Stoner shares his aurora borealis photography tips, such as planning your photoshoot, gear to bring, camera settings to use, and more. Looking for more night-related photography content? Visit Explora's Night Photography site. Have you photographed the northern lights? Share your experiences with us in the Comments
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Welcome to B&H Night Photography Week! Running August 9-13, 2021 (with bonus sessions on August 23-24) across all of B&H's channels will be loads of new content and events focused on creating amazing night photos! You'll find inspiring presentations on how to master your camera after the sun sets and the stars come out. Find us on social media at #BHNightPhotoWeek to share the nighttime excitement with your fellow nocturnal shooters! To get more involved, tune in to the live sessions that the B&H Event Space will be hosting. Each
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Maria Perez chats with photographer Autumn Schrock, who shoots landscape, wildlife, travel, adventure, and astrophotography. They talk about her next photography workshop, her favorite animal to photograph, her reasons for loving nature photography, and more. We hope you enjoy this video, and we invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at
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Maria Perez interviews landscape and astrophotographer Rachel Jones Ross as she scouts for a location for an outdoor photo shoot. Ross talks about her camera gear, her trip to Iceland, her most challenging hike, and more. We hope you enjoy the video, and we invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at
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In this seminar, Gabriel Biderman shares his journey with night photography, giving us insight into the creative process behind his images. Biderman is passionate about the variety of creative opportunities that longer exposures can offer once the sun goes down, such as light painting. Gain new insight and motivation to go outside and Seize the Night! Sponsored by Tether Tools   Similar photography videos: How to
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Have you ever wondered how to photograph the stars? Maria gives you her astrophotography tips, such as recommended camera gear, night photography settings, and Adobe Lightroom tips. Once you've gotten the hang of photographing stars, check out these other night photography videos: How to Photograph the Moon
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Columbus, Ohio-based photographer Aaron Sheldon was riding the bus with his young son Harrison when he had an epiphany. “What was a normal everyday event for me had him completely transfixed,” he writes. “I realized that my son is an explorer, and that the world I take for granted, to him, is an amazing place filled with new sites and experiences.” Later that week, the two were discussing bravery during a visit to the doctor’s office when young Harrison provided further inspiration. “What about astronauts, Dad?” he asked. “Are they brave
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Looking to photograph the stars? In this lecture, Forest Chaput de Saintonge discusses what you need to get started with night-sky photography: How to get perfectly round stars that stay sharp throughout your exposures Using calibration frames to correct for bias, noise, and vignetting Choosing a suitable object in the sky for you to photograph Important equipment considerations Share Forest's passion as he takes you through his process, and learn how to keep improving your images even after you master the basics!
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Dr. Kathryn Sullivan has an elite status among groundbreaking American women. In January 1978, she was selected by NASA as part of the first astronaut class to include females. "All six of us in that first batch of women felt a self-imposed pressure," Sullivan says in a 2017 interview for the multimedia project TIME Firsts. "One of us would be the first to fly, another would be the first to do a spacewalk—which only a small group of the Astronaut Corps gets to do. We knew our performance would have a big influence on the prospects of the women