3 Legged Thing Equinox Leo Carbon Fibre Tripod, Airhed Switch


New in stock from British manufacturer 3 Legged Thing, the Leo Switch Kit features the company’s Equinox Leo Carbon Fiber Tripod System and the Airhed Switch ball head. Aiming to bridge the gap between compact travel and professional tripod systems, the kit promises to deliver pro-level functionality, with excellent portability.

Crafted from eight layers of tightly woven carbon, the Leo has been designed for optimal strength-to-weight ratio. The tripod has five leg sections that can extend to a maximum height of 51.5" and also go as low as 4.75". At the 23° angle leg spread, it can support a maximum of 66 lb, and can be adjusted for wider 55° and 80° stances for lower–level shooting. Leo will support up to 44 lb and 22 lb in each of its wider stances, respectively.

The tripod’s twist locks feature 3 Legged Thing’s Para-Lock system, which works by restricting the opening movement of the friction lock, preventing you from accidentally unscrewing the lock until the leg section detaches. The twist locks are also designed to provide strong stability and a solid grip.

The AirHed Switch multi-functional ball head is precision engineered from aircraft-grade magnesium alloy, and furnished with stainless–steel hardware. The head’s “switch” feature not only allows for a universally adjustable clamp, but also for it to be aligned for left- or right-handed use. The AirHed Switch has a load capability of 88 lb.

The head incorporates 3 Legged Thing’s modular design, enabling users to detach the clamp for use on any 3/8" device. This feature can be used in combination with the tripod’s detachable leg, which has standard 3/8" threads at both ends. This allows for use as a monopod, and other functions. The AirHed Switch comes with the QR3P Release Plate, which is both Peak Design, and Arca-Swiss compatible. The clamp is compatible with all standard Arca-Swiss release plates.

Leo’s two-section center column can be inverted, allowing you to hang the camera upside down to achieve extremely low-level shots, while maintaining stability at the same time. This is a helpful feature for macro photography. The tripod’s legs can be folded 180° in reverse, making it compact for travel and storage. Leo fits nicely into the included carry case with shoulder strap.


I bought an earlier version of this tripod. I have carried this tripod to 7 countries on 3 continents.  Loved it at first.... Extends to nearly 7 feet. Compresses down to about 2 feet. Light weight and easy to set up. Does not move while in use. Stedy in a wind. Some of the parts have fallen off, maybe from use? I tried to contact the manufaturer several times so I could purchase new parts but never received a response. Stopped in to the B&H Store during a visit to Manhatten. They gave me a number for a repair facility I could have left the tripod with. It was my last day and didn't want to take a cab ride to deal with it. Just dissapointed for the price I paid..

Wonderfull product if only the support was as good.