Teton Perspectives: Milky Way & Night Sky Photography, with Autumn Schrock


How do you locate the Milky Way in the sky? What is the best phase of the moon to photograph? How do you focus your lens in the dark? Astrophotography is magical yet challenging. Luckily, Autumn Schrock (@autpops) is here to be your guide to capturing the night sky.

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 1:35 - Preparation and Planning
  • 4:42 - Camera Settings
  • 11:56 - Reflection Image
  • 14:38 - Composition
  • 15:34 - Barn Image
  • 16:38 - Car Trails/Long Exposure
  • 18:40 - The Possibilities

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Please note: All drone footage was taken outside Grand Teton National Park in accordance with rules and regulations.

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I have never shot with Sony. Those menus look daunting. Beautiful work-thank you for sharing your expertise.

I loved your video and information, have you worked with image stacking in your astrophotography?