Flash Sync at Any Shutter Speed with the a9 III


The Sony a9 III makes it possible to sync your flash at any shutter speed (even up to 1/80000 of a second)! Matt Zefi explains how the a9 III's global shutter allows you to freeze the action.

  • 0:00 - Introduction
  • 0:11 - Rolling vs. Global Shutter
  • 1:26 - What do you think?

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Very impressive but I don't know of any flash that emits a burst of such short duration as 1/80000th of a second. The flashes that I own will do at best 1/5000th of a second.

The sync between the flash burst and the camera, at 1/80000th of a second is then more than critical and I wonder how it is achieved and apart from being spectacular, this feature may be more useful in the normal speed range used by photographers in daylight to freeze motion. At 1/80000th of a second, there will not be much ambiance left.

Oh a9 III, you had me at "shutter synch"!  As a location portrait photographer, shooting into the setting sun has always been a challenge, which this will certainly simplify.  Now, if I can just use my Nikon mount lenses on this...