Show Us Your Shot: The Stop-Motion Animation and Greenscreen in Two Balloons


In this segment of Show Us Your Shot, visual effects supervisor Adam C. Sager discusses how the team behind the 2018 Tribeca-selected, stop-motion animated short film, Two Balloons, utilized green-screen compositing to isolate and combine various shot elements together into seamless compositions.

Writer/Director/Producer: Mark Smith

Animation Director: Teresa Drilling

Art Director: Kathleen Chamberlain

Director of Photography: Reijean Heringlake

Motion Control Operators: Mark Eifert, Jim Birkett

Special Effects Supervisor: Javan Ivey

Visual Effects Supervisor: Adam C. Sager

About Adam C. Sager

Fueled by an affinity for childlike wonder, Adam C. Sager is a vfx supervisor and director from Portland, Oregon. He has supervised the production of visual effects for award-winning commercials, TV shows, features, and short films. In addition to his activities in the film industry, Sager teaches cinematic studies at a nearby university and volunteers his time and talents to a local children's musical theater company. In the fall of 2019, he co-directed a production of Mary Poppins.

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