Wireless Charging

by M. Brett Smith ·Posted
Belkin brought a slew of new charging accessories to CES 2024, including the Qi2-enabled BoostCharge Pro chargers, which were first announced last August. Belkin confirms that the new chargers are ready to come to market and should be available soon. Qi2 Convertible Pad/Stand The Qi2 Convertible Pad/Stand features an adjustable charging 15W module that allows users
by Patrick Chiang ·Posted
With every advancement in hardware or design, there are bound to be a few tradeoffs, so we rely on companies to stay on their toes and create solutions to problems we didn’t have before. The Apple MacBook Pro (and Air), which only has Thunderbolt™ 3 ports, features a slim, compact design that we’ve come to expect in modern-day