Survival Kits

by John-Paul Palescandolo and Atane Ofiaja ·Posted
When it comes to providing security for your business, perhaps you’re more used to hearing about cybersecurity. While a cybersecurity breach can have far-reaching and long-lasting effects, it’s not the only aspect of security that should raise concerns. My father runs his own business and I can’t tell you how many times someone backed into the railing leading up to the main entrance. Was it a client… could it have been the UPS driver? Finally, he put up concrete posts next to the rail, so now anyone who backs into those will probably be
by Ephie Mandel ·Posted
Ezviz has released a new, fully wireless surveillance system, called the Mini Trooper. Unlike most other surveillance systems that require cables for power and network connection, the Mini Trooper system is a truly wire-free solution. No longer do you need to lay down long cable runs and drill through multiple layers of your home or office. The Mini Trooper system is simple: connect the Base Station to your router either via Wi-Fi or directly using the RJ45 Ethernet port, and then connect the Mini Trooper cameras via Wi-Fi to the Base Station
by Ryan Zanoni ·Posted
Danger is all around us. We don’t generally like to think about it, but the world is full of life-threatening forces—and one day, we may come face to face with them in the wild, far from the comforts of home. How we fare will depend largely on our level of preparedness. Throughout centuries of experience and technological advancements, humanity has developed survival kits, combining the essentials for making it out of dire predicaments alive. Over time, these