by M. Brett Smith ·Posted
Today, during Apple's "Far Out" keynote, Tim Cook and company unveiled a treasure trove of new devices, including the next generation of iPhones, AirPods Pro, and Apple Watches. We streamed the whole 90-minute presentation so you wouldn't have to. Here's everything that was announced at today's big event. Three years after the original AirPods Pro debuted, Apple announced the next generation of AirPods Pro at today's big event. The second-gen earbuds will feature Apple's new H2 chip, which purportedly will provide improved audio quality over
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted
Despite my fairly extensive history reviewing and even developing wearable tech, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a device that elicited more of a “Thinking Face” emoji than the Wristcam. A dual-camera watch band that connects to and works with your Apple Watch? Hmmm. The premise alone had me intrigued. After all, it’s not hard to imagine the possible advantages of having a capable camera on your wrist. In my mind, I
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The art of photographing the wristwatch is known as one of the most challenging aspects of still life photography. Between the relatively small size of the timepiece, reflective sapphire and acrylic crystals, shiny elements on the watch face, matte leather or nylon straps, etc., there are a multitude of surfaces with different properties and reactions to light and the camera. Photographs ©Todd Vorenkamp If you are a lover of the wristwatch or a horologist, you