Rain Covers

by John Harris ·Posted
When speaking with wildlife and bird photographers, the subject of camouflage always sparks conversation. Some are surprisingly dismissive, others are all-in and, of course, there are those of us in the middle, who understand the benefits, but are not quite ready to order a complete ghillie suit. In fact, camouflage gear is not a panacea, and all photographers should agree that your location, movements, techniques, scent, and even breathing have more impact on getting that great animal photograph than what you are wearing or under what you are
by Mary Latvis ·Posted
It’s a beautiful day and the sun is shining, with not a cloud in the sky, beaming down plenty of light for almost limitless depth-of-field for your footage. While all that sunshine can produce wonderful exposures, it may not be so great for your health or for the well-being of your equipment. Read on for some ideas on how to beat the heat during a summer shoot. Desert film shoot: hot! Camera Crew Starting with the very basics, outfit yourself with a pair of