Photo Bags and Cases

by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 10/05/2021
Manfrotto has just announced refreshes of three of its camera bag families, including the PRO Light gear, the Advanced lineup, and the Street series. With myriad options in these series of bags, Manfrotto is meeting the needs not only of professional photographers, but also of videographers and filmmakers, as well. Let’s look at the improved bags and their new features. PRO Light The PRO Light collection was designed for high-demand professional photographers and
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 10/05/2021
If you are a photographer who goes way off the beaten path for multi-day treks, Lowepro has just released the pinnacle of its PhotoSport backpack line―introducing the PhotoSport Pro 55L AW III and the larger PhotoSport Pro 70L AW III with compatible GearUp Pro II camera box inserts.
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 10/06/2021
For many travel photographers and videographers, the superior protection afforded by the Nanuk hard case makes it a most essential accessory. Regardless of the amount of gear you are carrying, Nanuk’s hard cases can protect from impacts, water, dust, and more. Although the Canadian tourism board may shiver at the thought that our “neighbor to the north” is our neighbor to the always-frozen north, Nanuk’s cases are designed and built near (if not in) some of the world’s most
by Bjorn Petersen ·Posted 06/30/2021
With a focus on sustainability, Lowepro is developing a new line of photo bags built around the premise of working with recycled fabrics while maintaining the innovative and practical designs the company has been using for more than 50 years. Distinguished by the new green line label, the PhotoSport III is a third-generation series of outdoor, adventure-minded bags, and the first two models are a pair of backpacks: the PhotoSport III 15L
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 08/09/2023
The camera bag starts as an afterthought—something you get after you buy a camera and/or lenses, and for many, just about any camera bag will do the trick for them. But, when you get deeper into photography and expand your kit, the camera bag becomes an essential part of your everyday carry. There are many parallels between shopping for a camera bag and shopping for something like a pair of shoes—hundreds (maybe thousands?) of options,
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 05/05/2021
Is it possible to be too organized or to have too many storage options for your gear? Pelican doesn’t think so, and the company has just rolled out two new easy-to-install-and-remove, supremely versatile Pelican EZ Click MOLLE panels for use inside the lids of your 1650 Protector Case and
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 03/15/2021
I am not a “hard case guy,” but I know many who use them, and I know they are essential for a lot of photographers, videographers, and creatives who are constantly on the go and need extra protection for their gear. And, if you have even given hard cases a moment of thought, the Pelican brand of protective “stuff” is guaranteed to have made it onto your radar because the term “Pelican
by Cory Rice ·Posted 02/10/2021
Avenger has just announced the Triple C-Stand Roller Case, an ultra-durable case for storing and transporting up to three detachable turtle base C-stands and accessories for film and photo shoots. Staples on set, C-stands can be a challenge to transport for small-scale productions. Avenger’s new case provides a simple solution in the form of a heavy-duty, water-resistant, wheeled case. Capable of carrying up to 77 lb of gear,
by Jason T ·Posted 12/18/2020
If you’ve just ordered your first camera system, now you may be wondering what else you need to get started. Deciding which accessories to buy when you’re first beginning in photography can be a bit of a challenge to the uninitiated. Some accessories, like lens wipes for instance, are universal, but other types of accessories to consider may vary quite a bit depending on the kinds of photos you’re interested in making, and where you plan on shooting
by Allan Weitz ·Posted 12/17/2020
When shopping for a new—or if you’re like me, yet another—camera bag, you no doubt have a checklist of qualifiers the bag in question must possess before it joins you on the checkout line. My qualifiers include, in no particular order, weight (I do not like bags that feel heavy before you even load them up), construction (What’s the bag made of and how are the parts stitched together?), internal partitioning and padding, comfort level when fully loaded, and lastly—is it good-looking? Full disclosure—I currently own more camera bags than I care
by Allan Weitz ·Posted 11/20/2020
Something I never tire of when passing through the B&H SuperStore, in midtown Manhattan, is perusing the umpteen aisles of camera bags. At last count, I own about 10 or 12 bags of various styles and sizes, and I use all of them over the course of the year. Why so many bags? Mostly because my camera and lens choices vary from assignment to assignment. In the case of personal assignments and day trips, I usually choose a bag that fits my
by John Harris ·Posted 09/11/2020
Lowepro has announced two new top-loading camera bags designed for mirrorless cameras. The new Photo Active TLZs come in two lightweight sizes designed to provide enthusiast photographers protection for camera, one attached lens, and accessories while traveling, roaming the city, or hiking. Comfort, easy access, rugged build, and secure protection from the elements are the key features of the new Photo Active TLZ 45 AW and
by Christopher Witt ·Posted 08/21/2020
Designed in partnership with photographer Peter McKinnon, Nomatic’s McKinnon line of bags and accessories are built around a sleek minimalist aesthetic that allows you to carry just one bag for your photo gear, clothes, and toiletries without compromise. Nomatic McKinnon Accessory Case The product line is built around
by Christopher Witt ·Posted 07/13/2020
New and in stock here at B&H are three distinctive bags from Orca Cases that will get you and your gear to location safely and in style. First, for your personal belongings, like clothing, is the Traveler Onboard Rolling Suitcase that has lots of interior room, plus an array of external pockets for your
by Allan Weitz ·Posted 06/25/2020
Camera gear protectors accomplish several goals. If you should accidentally drop or otherwise bump your camera or lens against a hard surface, depending on the particulars—including the degree and point of impact—camera protectors can minimize, if not prevent, serious damage or dents to your gear, and possibly spare you the time and expense of repairs. Depending on the product, many gear protective products offer varying degrees of added weather- and moisture proofing, which is important if you have a proclivity to photograph in inclement