Mother's Day

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As she approached her 40th birthday, Jennifer McClure decided to take stock of her life, using photography as a vehicle to explore why things had never really worked the way she thought they would. Her previous work with self-portraits offered a basic framework for making the pictures, yet nothing could prepare her for the discovery she would make from the photographs themselves, which was the opposite of what she had expected. “I was just shocked,” she admits. “I didn't know self-portraits could take me there.” Photographs © Jennifer McClure
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A photographer’s gift is to record his or her encounters with the world in pictures. If that photographer meets with success, pictures from their archive are published in magazines and books, exhibited in museums and galleries, licensed for commercial use, and sold as prints. With careful planning, these images have a life that endures well beyond that of the artist, through the continuing efforts of a legacy keeper.  Such is the relationship between the trailblazing work of 20th-Century photographer Ruth Orkin and the ongoing endeavors
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Although we do not ever want to imply that conversations with great women photographers should only be reserved for Mother’s Day, we have recorded a few episodes on subjects dealing specifically with motherhood and with photographers whose work is informed by the fact that they are mothers. Below are a handful of episodes of the B&H Photography Podcast that celebrate moms and discuss the challenges of raising kids while being a working photographer. Above photograph: Elinor
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A thoughtful gift goes a long way, and one gift my mother always appreciated from me was a photograph of some kind, or at least something personalized or something that I created. With this in mind, here are some tips and ideas on how you can gift and share your photography with Mom for this Mother’s Day. Give Her a Print We’ll start with the obvious one first—but it’s an obvious choice because it’s a very good choice. Even outside of the context of this holiday, a print is often the best and most final way to display your photographs, so what
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As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, we welcome an artist to the B&H Photography Podcast who is using her camera to examine quotidian spaces to further a conversation about the “deeply felt subjective experiences of motherhood,” particularly as they are felt in the workplace. Joining us is photographer Corinne May Botz, whose current series is entitled “Milk