Hard Disk Drives

by William Min ·Posted
Do you remember the old days when waiting for your computer to boot up meant you had enough time to visit the restroom, get something to eat, and maybe even mow your lawn? Now, with SSDs becoming more readily available, wake-up times for your computer are almost nonexistent. Go from a cold boot to browsing the Web in mere seconds with a M.2 NVMe SSD. But what does that mean? Read on to learn more about commonly used storage terms in this handy glossary. HDD Hard Disk Drive The HDD is typically found in 2.5" or 3.5" form factors. They
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted
Data is a massive problem. It is a problem because our need for more and more storage on our various devices continues to grow as does our need to quickly share all this information with others. That is why companies such as Seagate call their products storage solutions, and their latest exciting innovation is the Lyve Drive. This is a complete enterprise system that will take you from endpoint to the edge to the core. Getting to the Edge
by Jill Waterman ·Posted
The best camera may very well be the one that’s with you, but how do you handle that endless stream of digital files generated from the insatiable need to document your life in pictures? A new tool to help you cope with this insurmountable data stream is ibi, the Smart Photo Manager from SanDisk. Named for the Latin term meaning, “there, in that place,” ibi lives in your home as a multi-faceted solution to help you collect, organize
by William Min ·Posted
Have you noticed your computer being slower than usual? Before you use this as an excuse to purchase a new laptop (we know it’s tempting), you might want to opt for a more cost-effective approach, which is cleaning out the hard drive (HDD). In a few simple steps, you can analyze and clean out your HDD to free up valuable storage space. Defragging your old HDD and properly formatting newly-installed SSDs will ensure that your computer doesn’t become bloated or sluggish. Always Back up Your Data First Before you start doing anything to your hard