Things We Love: Focal Spirit Pro Headphones


As we continue our very own B&H-flavored version of Oprah’s Favorite Things just in time for Valentine’s Day, one thing that comes screaming to mind is headphones. Everyone uses them, and they elicit passion, from casual listeners all the way to audiophiles. I fully admit I am something of a low-end Lothario, or dynamic-driver Don Juan, (depending on how you want to alliterate) when talking about headphones. I own a bunch of headphones and, like John Lennon, in my life I’ve loved them all. I have at least two pairs sitting on my desk at the B&H compound at any given time, and those aren’t counting the earbuds I use to work out and commute, and so on.

But for all this wandering-eye syndrome I have for headphones, there is one pair I always come back to: the Focal Spirit Pro. Focal is a name that is familiar to many in the pro audio world, known for its highly accurate and dependable studio monitors, but they certainly don’t have the brand recognition of some more popular consumer brand names when it comes to headphones.

Focal Spirit Professional Headphones

The Spirit Pros, as can best be described, help to lift the fog from your tracks. Designed to be balanced and accurate, they don’t provide over-the-top bass boosts or accentuated highs—they reveal what your music really sounds like, rather than acting as another EQ stage before final delivery. In a world of headphones I love, these are the pair I love the most.

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