ZEISS Introduces the Entry-Level Nano Prime Cinema Lens Line


If your next project is budget-driven but you need that classic cinema look, the new ZEISS Nano Prime lens line is designed for mid-range cameras, such as the Sony FX9 or BURANO, to lower-end cinema cameras, such as the Sony FX6 or FX3. The entry-level E-mount lenses come in 18, 24, 35, 50, 75, and 100mm focal lengths with feet or meter markings, and a 6-lens set is also available.

ZEISS Nano Prime Lenses
ZEISS Nano Prime Lenses

Achieve the cinematic look you seek with a high-speed T1.5 aperture, and create shallow depth of field with its 12-blade iris, for gorgeous bokeh. The lenses cover full-frame sensors, but even the widest 18mm model can capture a wide angle of view on a Super 35 camera. They can also pass native metadata and eXtended Data to the camera, recording lens type, focus distance, iris, focal length, distortion, and vignetting, which are essential in systems like CinCraft Mapper for post-production or CinCraft Scenario for VFX productions.

With a lens body so compact and lightweight, they can be used for gimbal and drone operation without adding much weight to your rig. Maintaining the same ZEISS classic cinema look as the Supreme Primes, they can easily become essential for a B or C camera when budget is an issue.

Other features of these starter cinema lenses include an 86mm filter thread, a common 95mm diameter for easy lens swaps, and back-focus adjustment with optional shims. Each Nano Prime arrives with an E-mount (ZEISS states that more mount options are coming in the future) and the Nano Primes have a user-changeable mount design for switching mount types as needed. A durable transport case is also available to transport your lens set.

Transport Case
Transport Case

For more information about the new ZEISS Nano Prime cinema lenses, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product page for all models. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to reply to your comments and questions.


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Too expensive to not come natively in PL mount