Tilta Releases the Khronos Ecosystem for iPhone Cinematography


The addition of Apple ProRes to the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max marked a major turning point in the world of smartphone filmmaking, unlocking professional-level recording formats that can go toe-to-toe with the codecs of many modern cinema cameras. Now, Tilta is unveiling its complementary Khronos ecosystem, bringing a wide range of accessories to the iPhone that allow users to take full advantage of the ProRes format and equip their phones for an array of shooting environments. From lights to filters to cooling, Khronos has everything you need to turn your iPhone into a filmmaking powerhouse.

Tilta Khronos Case
Tilta Khronos Case

For years, smartphone shooters have cobbled together DIY rigs built to overcome limitations inherent in their devices—fixed lenses, limited battery life, awkward ergonomics, etc. These rigs were often finicky and unwieldy, acting more as a band-aid than a solution. With the release of the Khronos system, those pains should be a thing of the past. Now shooters can build out custom rigs within the Khronos line that feature virtually any accessory they need, all coalescing around a special Khronos case that can distribute power to these attached accessories, whether that power is coming from a Power Handle or an optional power bank.

The Khronos Focus PD Handle will be an extremely popular part of this new system, providing external power, a more comfortable operating experience, and a dial for manually controlling focus or zoom on the iPhone. This last feature is the one that will really change the game, as users can finally pull off smooth, reliable rack focusing and zooms on their phone. Combined with the manual aperture control on the Blackmagic Camera App, users can achieve much more dynamic, complex shots with variable planes of focus. Combine this with the range of visual aesthetics attainable with eight unique Tilta filters (attachable via a Quick Release Filter Tray), and suddenly the smartphone filmmaking world is your oyster.

For further customizability, you can even mount different types of lenses on the Khronos cage, with M Series and T Series Lens Adapters, as well as a 17mm Thread Adapter for usage outside the Khronos line. Additional universal adapters include NATO, ARCA, and Cold Shoe varieties, meaning any existing camera accessories, whether from Tilta or other manufacturers, can be incorporated into your Khronos rig. Many of these adapters also include quick-release systems for easy adjustments.

Other accessorizing options are aimed more at quality-of-life improvements, including a Cooling System for longer record sessions, Mini LED Panels that draw power from the cage, a USB-C Hub and SSD Holder to assist in external recording, plus other handles that come in wood or aluminum. These accessories can be purchased piecemeal or in various kits depending on which you need, with many available in a Titanium White or Space Grey color. For more information, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product pages for the Tilta Khronos ecosystem. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to reply to your comments and questions.