B&H Prospectives: Realistic HDR Photography with Tim Cooper


Watch as Washington, DC-based photographer Tim Cooper as he explains the value of High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography in practical, everyday applications. Cooper walks us through the process, step by step, for measuring the brightest and darkest areas of a photograph and then taking a series of bracketed photographs that can be combined in HDR to compress the dynamic range and render a beautifully exposed image.




Hi Tim great vidio about hdr its filled in a lot of gaps for me, i also want to know do Photomatix do Focus Stacking.

No unfortunately, Photomatix does not handle Focus Stacking.  A colleague of mine recommended Helicon Soft for that purpose.  See the link below for details:


Great idea to post this information about realistic HDR photography. HDR has such a bad rap to a lot of photographers; all they can think about is the hyper realistic HDR photos so many people do, that this very practical use of HDR may not even be thought of. Great explanation and examples!

Good piece, two crits, first, it would be great to go into a little more (or a referal to another video/article) on post processing.

Second, lose the side shots. They look like mistakes. This is an info piece, not an MTV show, so frequently going to the guy looking off camera interrupts the flow.

In my photos for real estate, truly realist HDR photography is my primary goal. Let me know what you all think. 

Excellent class on the f/stop configurations. Love it. Thanks

Interested in purchasing this lens