Samsung Launches Odyssey OLED G9 Curved Gaming Monitor


Take your entertainment experiences to new dimensions by adding the 49" Samsung Odyssey OLED G9 Gaming Monitor to your computer setup. By merging two QHD (1440p) screens into a single 5120 x 1440 resolution, 1800R curved display, this monitor fully immerses you in games and movies by wrapping your field of view. The stylish silver metal frame measures just 4.5mm at its slimmest point, with razor thin bezels, offering you a big-screen experience without necessarily taking up too much space.

Samsung Odyssey OLED G9
Samsung Odyssey OLED G9

With its 240 Hz refresh rate, 0.03 ms response time, and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro support, the Odyssey OLED G9 delivers exceptionally smooth and responsive graphics with fast-paced action games. Also, this large OLED display features a Neo Quantum Pro processor that enhances visuals with bright highlights and deep shadows by analyzing every frame to optimize its colors, shades, and contrast.

Additionally, the Odyssey OLED G9 takes entertainment a step further with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, stereo speakers, and smart TV functionality. For instance, the Gaming Hub allows you to access services such as Xbox Games Pass and NVIDIA GeForce NOW to stream games directly from the cloud instead of downloading them. Connect USB peripherals or pair the monitor with a Bluetooth device to play games without having to turn on your computer or console system.

Similarly, you can use the Samsung Smart TV Experience to watch your favorite shows and movies through services such as Netflix and Prime Video. The integrated Samsung TV Plus app offers free live content without downloads or sign-ups. Its universal guide offers suggestions based on your tastes. Also, Alexa and Bixby support let you control your smart home devices by issuing voice commands through the monitor.

You can connect devices to the Odyssey OLED G9 through the HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort inputs. The monitor detects when a device is turned on and automatically switches to it. You can further boost your viewing experience with the built-in ambient CoreSync & Core Lighting+ RGB lighting effects, which can project the onscreen colors onto the real world.

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