SmallHD Announces Three Smart 5 Monitor Choices


If you depend on the quality and professional functions of the SmallHD Smart 7 and Ultrabright on-camera video monitors, you’ll be happy to discover that SmallHD has announced the Smart 5 Monitor Series. With the same features as the Smart 7, but in a more compact 5" form, this latest line in SmallHD’s series of popular onboard monitors consists of the Ultra 5, Cine 5, and Indie 5 models, each equipped with features suiting them to different workflows. All models sport a 5" multitouch LCD interface encased in an anodized aluminum frame, both 3G-SDI (BNC) and HDMI input and output, and multiple mounting threads, making them the perfect additions to your camera kit.

PageOS 5

Get the most out of your monitor using the SmallHD PageOS 5 Toolset that is included with each Smart 5 unit. PageOS features include EL Zone Exposure Assist, top-of-the-line waveform and false color functions, Advanced Teradek RT Overlays, Look-Around Camera Control (available separately), and more. The PageOS 5 UI enables you to create quick and repeatable setups and offers full control over all parameters and display tools.

Ultra 5

The top-of-the line Ultra 5 On-Camera Monitor features daylight-visible 3000 cd/m2 brightness and tangible front-panel buttons that pros find easier to use than touch controls when wearing gloves or in inclement weather. An Ethernet port supports optional ARRI and Sony VENICE camera control and RED camera control is offered using the locking 5-pin USB connector. A locking 2-pin power input ensures that your image doesn’t suddenly blank out due to an accidental disconnect.

Ultra 5 On-Camera Monitor

Ultra 5 On-Camera Monitor

Check out the Ultra 5 Bolt 6 TX 750 Monitor and Ultra 5 Bolt 6 RX 750 Monitor when you want to streamline your camera and wireless video setup. The result of a collaboration between SmallHD and Teradek, these powerful transmitter and receiver/monitor combos can use 6 GHz connectivity and eliminate the need for additional batteries and cables. It's always handy to be able to use one type of battery for multiple components, so to extend your monitor/receiver run time using the batteries you have on hand in your camera kit, pick the Ultra 5 RX 750 Gold Mount Monitor Kit or the Ultra 5 RX 750 V-Mount Monitor Kit. These combo monitors also offer full wireless camera and FIZ (focus/iris/zoom) control when used with a separately available Teradek RT system. All Ultra 5 wireless monitors are fully cross-compatible with any Bold 4K device using the 5GHz band.

Cine 5

In addition to a touchscreen interface, the 2000 cd/m2 Cine 5 On-Camera Monitor’s joystick and back button provide options for users who prefer that style of camera control. This mid-level model features the DCI P3 wide color gamut, a locking 2-pin power input, and a 5-pin locking USB for the optional RED Camera Control feature.

Cine 5 On-Camera Monitor

Cine 5 On-Camera Monitor

Indie 5

With a touchscreen-only interface, the Indie 5 Touchscreen On-Camera Monitor offers a lightweight, streamlined choice for more basic uses. The Indie 5 sports a barrel power input and a micro-USB for the optional RED Camera Control function.

Indie 5 Touchscreen On-Camera Monitor

Indie 5 Touchscreen On-Camera Monitor

Trick out your Smart 5 series monitor with accessories like an UltraClear or Ultra Matte Screen Protector, a Sun Hood for the ULTRA 5 or Sun Hood for CINE 5/INDIE 5.

Do you prefer the newer, more compact Smart 5 series monitors or the larger 7" versions? Share your thoughts in the Comments section, below.