SHAPE Dresses up the Sony FX9 to the Nines


Digital Cinema cameras today are basically boxes with limited ergonomic capabilities, and the Sony PXW-FX9 follows this path. But not to worry—SHAPE has stepped up to fill the void. SHAPE has created a complete Pro Shoulder Rig Kit for the FX9, and this rig is loaded, missing only the kitchen sink and, perhaps, an eight-track cassette player. You can get the complete kit, and have virtually everything you could want in a shoulder-mount rig including baseplate, rods, a rear insert plate, a rosette handle, a viewfinder bracket, a modular top handle, a 4 x 5.6" matte box, and a follow focus pro. This kit provides you maximum flexibility when shooting, letting you adapt the cage to suit your changing shooting needs. However, if you prefer the à la carte approach, or already have a matte box or follow focus you like, be assured that most of the components of the rig are available separately, and in their own kits, so you can assemble the rig of your dreams at your own pace.

SHAPE Pro Shoulder Rig Kit for Sony PXW-FX9 Camera

If you are looking for a simple cage for your FX9, check out this Camera Cage. It features multiple accessory mounting points, the FX9 Top Plate, and an ARRI-style rosette for attaching a handgrip. The Camera Cage is also available as a kit with a top handle, and also with a top handle and EVF mount. The SHAPE Push-Button EVF Mount is also available by itself; it is the push-button release that put SHAPE on the map, so it is worth checking out. The Lightweight Baseplate with integrated 15mm rod clamps is available by itself with 12-inch-long rods, and as a Shoulder Mount kit with two handgrips, a shoulder support, and 18-inch-long rods. This Baseplate with Top Plate Kit is likewise designed for the Sony PXW-FX9 and includes a shoulder pad, rods, handgrip, and a Top Plate to mount on your camera, which provides additional mounting options. If you already have a matte box, but want everything else, then check out the Camera Cage Kit with Baseplate and Follow Focus Pro for the FX9.

SHAPE Camera Cage for Sony FX9 Camera

No matter what camera you need to rig out, or how much you need to accessorize your camera rig, from a few components to a full-blown setup and in between, SHAPE has a variety of options well worth checking out. For more information on SHAPE products, visit the B&H Photo website or if you're in New York City, visit The Studio at the B&H Photo SuperStore.