Core SWX Announces the NANOX Li-Ion Battery Series

Core SWX announces the NANOX Li-Ion Battery Series

Score with Core’s latest groundbreaking announcement in portable power solutions with the all-new NANOX battery series. Bringing outstanding durability, long-lasting power delivery, and an expansive array of functions, the NANOX is here to make its mark.


The NANOX will consist of two new batteries that come in V-mount and G-mount options. The NANOX V98 and NANOX G98 will feature a capacity of 98Wh, while NANOX V150 and NANOX G150 will have a capacity of 147Wh. Other than power capacity and mount type, these four options will essentially boast the same features, which are nothing short of impressive.


Unparalleled Durability

Each battery in the NANOX series will come fitted with the extremely robust polycarbonate NexCore casing, making it an ideal choice for extreme shooting conditions because these batteries will be reinforced against impacts and will be weather resistant.

Insane Portability

Punching way above their weight class, with the 98X weighing 1.3 pounds and the 150X weighing 1.55 pounds, these are some of the lightest batteries on power-to-pound scale. According to Core, the 98X is nearly 20% lighter than the current competition.

Bonus Functionality

Besides being a practical fun-sized power delivery solution for all of one’s camera and lighting needs, the NANOX lineup comes with a wide range of utilities and functions, merging power and performance.

  • A rear-embedded ¼"-20 mounting thread on V-mount models allows users to integrate a NANOX seamlessly anywhere there is a ¼"-20 screw.

  • By utilizing Core’s all new Votlbridge iD app (set to release this summer), users are able to monitor all battery vitals on a whim by simply waving a phone over the RFID chip that comes embedded in every NANOX.

  • Extra auxiliary outputs will also be present:

  • 100w USB-C Power Delivery

  • USB-A output

  • 12v Ptap

  • Wraparound LEDs allow camera operators to view battery status from any angle.

  • NANOX batteries also feature camera communication, allowing operators to view vital power information such as estimated run time, voltage, and percentage, directly from their camera LCD.

The NANOX is certainly a titillating release for those who are constantly on the lookout to maintain as minimalistic and lightweight of a camera set-up as possible without skimping on performance. What do you think of Core’s latest venture with this series? Do you see yourself gunning for the 98 or the more powerful 150? Let us know in the Comments section.