Bosma Enters 8K Market with G1 Pro Cinema Camera


Although it’s not a recent reveal—Bosma has shown off an 8K camera for nearly two years—Bosma’s G1 Pro 8K Cinema Camera appears to be coming to customers very soon. The Micro Four Thirds system camera promises to deliver high-quality 8K imagery at an accessible price point.

Using a 33MP 4/3" CMOS sensor, the G1 Pro can capture 8K video at up to 30p or 4K video at up to 60p. Of course, Full HD is also available, although it is also limited to 60p. Packing the usual pro connectors and streaming options means that it might not be the best option for indie filmmakers or creators, but it is an intriguing option for broadcast applications and surveillance. The Micro Four Thirds lens mount also makes it easy to find lenses or adapt nearly anything else you want to use.

Bosma G1 Pro 8K Cinema Camera
Bosma G1 Pro 8K Cinema Camera

The benefits of working with 8K today are slim; however, an easy one to acknowledge is the advantage of having extra pixels to work with. Being able to punch in by 2 or 4 times while keeping a sharp, detailed image is valuable.

As for quality, the G1 Pro will be able to record in 8-bit using H.264 or 10-bit with the H.265 codec. 4K recording is done at a 150 Mb/s and 8K benefits from a 600 Mb/s bitrate. ProRes 422 is also available for retaining the best possible image quality. Or you can output a full 8K image via the HDMI 2.1 port.

The design is similar to the many box-style cameras that have been released over the past few years. It’s a bit reminiscent of Z CAM. The camera has an array of 1/4"-20 mounting threads and the left side of the body features a 2" LCD and controls for the menu.

Befitting a camera designed for streaming or networking, the G1 Pro features Wi-Fi, 5G extension, and Ethernet connectivity. For multi-cam configurations in broadcast, there are standard BNC timecode in and out ports.

Size may be one of the biggest selling points for anyone looking to install this in their studio or use it in a rig since it measures just 5 x 4.3 x 4.3" and weighs less than 3 lb.

The system does seem to have some modern conveniences, especially when it comes to storage. A CFast card slot will help with internal recording, but it also supports recording to an external SSD via the USB-C port and cloud streaming via an external Wi-Fi/5G Extension.

This is an intriguing camera option that seems to be targeting a specific audience. There are more affordable 8K options already on the market, but mirrorless cameras are far from the ideal form factor for many cinema and broadcast applications. Many people will be better served with another (potentially cheaper) cinema camera that is limited to a more reasonable 6K option and larger sensor since quality isn’t always about the resolution.

Still, it is always good to see more players in what remains a small market. If you are looking to get 8K with some decent rigging and connectivity options, the Bosma G1 Pro may just be the best, most affordable camera on the market today.

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