Zylia Products for Ambisonic Recording and More!


Ambisonics seems all the rage these days—and, why wouldn’t it? A format that lets you hear utterly immersive audio, one that expands the capabilities of VR, video games, and more? Yes please!

To that end, ZYLIA, a relatively new company, has fashioned a simple solution for capturing Ambisonic recording: the ZM-1, a microphone with 19 capsules that allows for 24-bit digital recording. Combine this mic with ZYLIA software, and you can record music, Foley, sound design, and more in an immersive way.

This software, along with the mic, is available at B&H, and so we’d like to guide you through some of your options when it comes to purchasing a ZYLIA product.

For instance, the Ambisonics Software Package can be used to convert anything recorded with the ZM-1 to Higher Order Ambisonics. This allows you to make your audio work within platforms like Facebook 360 and YouTube 360. It works within the Ambisonics B-Format, provides FuMa or CAN channel ordering, and gives you SN3D and N3D normalization. The plug-in will work in VST, VST 3, and AU formats, and is compatible with Mac and Windows platforms.

Zylia Ambisonics Software Package Kit

If you don’t have the ZM-1 yet, and you don’t necessarily want Ambisonics just yet, check out the ZYLIA Portable Recording Studio Kit. This package bundles the microphone with software that allows you to separate audio from the capsules into 19 different tracks. Now you can balance, EQ, and process these tracks independently, which is great for touching up a live performance captured with the ZM-1. The software can export audio straight to your DAW, or, you can use this plug-in to engage the signal separation within the DAW itself, which may streamline the process for you.

Zylia Portable Recording Studio Kit

If you already have the mic, but lack both the Ambisonic and the Studio Pro software, here’s where you should click to fix that. If you want it all—the studio software, the ambisonics conversion, and the mic—the Portable Recording Studio Kit is your best bet, because it provides just that!

So, check out this software at our website, and grab yourself a microphone—an immersive world awaits!

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