NAMM 2019: PreSonus Offers a New USB Type-C Interface


PreSonus has a bunch of new USB Type-C interfaces making their debut at NAMM 2019, and we at B&H are proud to welcome these powerful units to the fold. First, let's take a look at the Studio 24c, a 2-in/2-out interface that can capture audio up to 192 kHz. This rig is great for the solo producer—the person who does their own instrumentation or spoken-word performances. With two XMAX-L solid-state preamps, you'll have crystal-clear tone. Phantom power is on hand for your favorite condenser mics. You'll find MIDI I/O for your favorite MIDI controller. Two USB Type-C cables are included (one terminating in USB Type-C, another in USB Type-A), so that you can use the interface with new and older computers alike.

If you'd like a second set of outputs—one set of balanced lines out, and another set of connections for monitor mixing—check out the Studio 26c. This unit provides a lot of the same functionality in a 2-in/4-out configuration. With the added set of outputs, you can send a cue mix to a performer, so they can hear what they want while they lay down their parts. You can also monitor their mix to make sure it's just right. Both these interfaces include Studio One Artist and the Studio Magic Plug-In Suite to help you get going right away. Both the 24c and 26c are bus powered over USB.

For small ensembles or small home studios, the Studio 68c might be in order. This USB Type-C interface provides four XMAX Class-A preamps, cue-mix toggling, MIDI I/O, and S/PDIF connections (via DB9 breakout) for other digital equipment. Direct monitoring will ensure performers can hear their parts without latency. Studio One Artist software and Studio Magic Plug-Ins are included, and they work with Mac and Windows.

For more channels and more connection points, check out the Studio 1810c. This one gives you 18 simultaneous inputs and eight outputs, with four XLR-1/4" inputs and four 1/4" TRS balanced lines in. The 1810c augments digital connections with eight channels of ADAT and stereo S/PDIF.

And finally, for the project studio intent on recording full bands—including multi-miked drums—the Studio 1824c might be the ticket. Here you get eight channels of the XMAX Class-A preamps, eight channels of ADAT optical I/O, word clock output over BNC, and a whole lot more. Both these larger interfaces give you Studio One Artist and Studio Magic, as well as a free download of UC Surface for controlling your interface's monitor mix with your computer or via an iOS- or Android-equipped tablet.

All of these units will be available at B&H, so please come on down to our SuperStore or holler at us online to check them out!

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