Bag Yourself a New Korg Arranger (and Other Goodies)


Korg, a company famous for its numerous audio products, is releasing a brand new, 61-key arranger-style keyboard, and we here at B&H are more than happy to welcome it into the fold. Called the EK-50, this keyboard is a budget-friendly yet massive instrument for beginners or seasoned players alike.

As with many arrangers, two speakers are built into the keyboard. Also built into the keyboard are 700 different sounds and 280 styles of accompaniment, with two different intros, four variations, two fills, one count-in and two endings per style. That's a lot of variation on the go. You can access all these sounds and styles through the easy-to-navigate layout, which makes use of clear LED buttons and a bright LCD.

Each of the speakers can handle 10W for relatively loud performance, and you can record songs, use the keyboard as a MIDI device via USB, and play audio files (both MP3 and WAV). Four stereo multi-effects processors are on hand—two for style, two for sound, and 148 effect variations in total.

This is a transportable instrument, and as such, Korg is offering the SC-EKPA Soft Case, which is designed specifically for this handsome arranger. Its surface is fashioned out of rip-stop material that bolsters durability without adding unnecessary weight. The case is foldable for storage when not in use, and its handgrip is cushioned to ease the burden of transit. A zippered outer pocket can store your accessories.

But wait: There's more! Are you a fan of Korg's nanoSERIES2 products—items such as the nanoKEY2 USB MIDI controller, nanoKONTROL2 mixer-style controller, or nanoPAD2 percussion-focused controller? If so, did you ever wish you could match the color of their pads and buttons to the shades of your specific DAW? Well now you can with the Limited Edition nanoSERIES2 pieces designed to do just that. Match your hardware to your software with blue/yellow or orange/green versions of all the aforementioned nanoSERIES2 products.

You can see them for yourself if you click here—but that's not all. Click here, and you'll also see individual nanoSERIES cases in different styles and colors. You'll see cases for other synthesizers, including soft-cases for Volca synths offered in various colors.

Indeed, you can see all of these online, or you can come on down to our SuperStore and check them out in person; the choice is yours!

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