Arturia Announces PolyBrute 12 Analog Synth with 12 Voices and MPE Keyboard

Arturia Announces PolyBrute 12 Analog Synth with 12 Voices and MPE Keyboard

Arturia just unveiled its newest flagship synthesizer, the PolyBrute 12, a 12-voice analog synth featuring a Full Touch MPE keyboard and powerful sound-morphing capabilities. This feature-rich synth builds on what made the original PolyBrute great, giving music-makers more features, functionality, and expressivity options than ever before.

Arturia PolyBrute 12
Arturia PolyBrute 12

Double the Voice Count

Featuring twice as many voices as its predecessor, the PolyBrute 12 offers 12 different analog voices. Even if you don’t imagine yourself playing 12-note chords, the extra voices mean sustained chords don’t have to steal notes from previous chords as quickly, lending the instrument to more expressive playing.

Full Touch MPE Keyboard

The PolyBrute 12's 61-key Full Touch MPE polyphonic keyboard delivers an unprecedented level of expressiveness. Each key tracks your position, pressure, and touch, enabling exceptional precision and seamless polyphonic aftertouch across the entire key-movement range, as well as the ability to modulate each note independently. It also features a 3-D Morphee pad, wooden ribbon controller and motion recorder, allowing you to create next-level, multi-dimensional performances out of its 768 presets.

Powerful Features, Intuitive Controls

The PolyBrute 12 is a sound-sculpting powerhouse, with two multi-mode analog oscillators, a 12dB multi-mode Steiner-Parker analog filter, a 24dB (Moog-style) analog ladder filter with drive, and FM capabilities. Three envelope generators, three LFOs, and three digital effect slots provide nearly unlimited sound-sculpting possibilities, all of which are aided by the handy modulation matrix that provides control over up to 32 destinations and 64 connections. The synth also integrates seamlessly into your DAW via Arturia’s PolyBrute Connect software.

Packed with features, the Arturia Polybrute 12 could be the perfect centerpiece for your performance rig or studio setup. For more detailed information about the new synth, including additional specs and features, be sure to check out the PolyBrute 12’s product page. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to answer all of your comments and questions.