Antelope Audio Announces New 14x10 Dual-USB-C Audio Interface: The Zen Quadro

Antelope Audio Announces New 14x10 Dual-USB-C Audio Interface: The Zen Quadro

Antelope Audio, known for their high-end professional interfaces, is adding a new entry to their lineup: the Zen Quadro. Whether you are a budding streamer, content creator, or podcaster, rhe Zen Quadro offers all the convenience and flexibility of modern compact interface designs with the added benefit of Antelope’s audio technology. From Synergy Core FX processing to enormous headroom and versatile connectivity, the Zen Quadro equips you for just about any situation so, let’s dive in.

Antelope Audio Zen Quadro
Antelope Audio Zen Quadro

Antelope has ported over their top-class AD/DA converters from their flagship Galaxy product range, offering up to 130 dB of headroom. The ultra-linear discrete preamps, inspired by vintage analog consoles, utilize a six-transistor design, providing up to 75 dB of gain, enough to lift just about any microphone to modern standards. With proprietary AFC (acoustically focused clocking) technology, you get better transients and a stereo image with fantastic depth and detail. These sonic features are not only great for content creators, but also ideal for music production, live performers, and small project studios as well.

Connectivity is well thought out and wide-ranging as well. Four microphone preamp inputs, in the form of XLR-1/4” combo jacks, deliver flexibility for any scenario. Two of the inputs are dedicated mic/line/Hi-Z connections while the remaining two are designed for mic/line inputs. Four analog outputs and two stereo headphone outputs mean you can connect to PA systems, external processing hardware, synth instruments, and more with ease. It even allows two users to monitor in real time which is ideal for duos, interviews, or two-person podcasts.

The secondary, independent USB-C OTG port is a great inclusion too. By allowing users to provide playback and recording functionality on two separate systems simultaneously, the Zen Quadro can slot into a number of live applications, as well as cross-routing and reverse charging if a mobile device is connected. The integrated color display makes everything easy to control and lets you direct routing and mixer settings, control processing, and more.

You can even add an ADAT expansion as the Zen Quadro comes equipped with a digital ADAT input for up to 8 channels of digital audio. You also get S/PDIF I/O in the rear for 2 channels of digital audio and for the synth enthusiasts out there, the analog I/O is also DC-coupled, enabling synth control via CV signals.

Users that would rather process their audio onboard directly on the Zen Quadro will be happy to learn that it comes integrated with Synergy Core FX processing. 37 analog-modeled effects are available with over 50 more available for additional purchase. You can run up to 48 mono effect instances simultaneously, and with direct hardware monitoring with effects, you can remain fully aware of your final output sound in real time without any discernible latency.

The Zen Quadro also has simultaneous playback and recording capabilities across two digital devices, allowing you to easily create computer and mobile device setups. Its a perfect solution if you're a streamer or content creator for example. It even allows you to use your phone with the OTG port to bring in remote guests via loopback, trigger sounds, audio segments, and more. If you're using it by itself, its ideal for live or touring scenarios. You can also engage in unique dual computer arrangements which is useful for modern performers, DJs, or in high-end presentations.

For more information about the new Zen Quadro, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product page. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to answer all your comments and questions.