Podcast: Lens Adapters—Your Link to Creative Photography


Lens adapters are certainly not new items in the savvy photographer’s gear bag, but they have taken on an added significance since the onset of mirrorless camera production, and can be the literal link between the cold efficiency of digital cameras and the distinctive charm of exotic lenses from an earlier era. Of course, they are high-tech electronic adapters and what may be surprising is just how important they are to filmmakers and how they have up-ended the used lens market. In this episode, we talk with two unapologetic lens zealots who use adapters regularly to connect lenses from a range of manufacturers to their many cameras. We start with a basic introduction to the common types and brands of adapters and then “geek out” on the many ways to use adapters for creative experimentation and unique imaging.

Guests: Johnny Tsang and Victor Samoilovich 

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35mm Angenieux Lens in M42 mount, from early 1950s

Allan Weitz currently uses three adapters to mount six lenses from four manufacturers on his Sony A7R II, including a Zeiss 16mm f/8 Hologon lens.

Berthiot Cinor lens designed for 16mm movie cameras




Host: Allan Weitz
Producer: John Harris
Engineer: Jason Tables
Executive Producers: Bryan Formhals, Mark Zuppe


What "dumb" adapter(s) could convert Pentax A3000 and Minolta SRT200 lenses to G7 workabilty?

I have several Leica screw mount lenses do I need a separate adapter for each lens as I did for my Leica R mount lenses? Also who makes the screw mount to Nikon?   Stan Fayer

Leica Screw mount is M39 (39mm) is easy to adapt to any camera with flange register lesser than those from Leica Rangefinders, and no you dont need a separate adapter for each lens, in the case of the Leica R mount is a mount for SLR cameras, easy to adapt to most of the modern cameras except those from Nikon (46mm focal flange), but you must to be careful with some R Lenses because there is some lenses completly incompatible with many other cameras as the Fish-eye 16mm, if you search on internet you will found many chart of compatibility

Anonymous wrote:

I have several Leica screw mount lenses do I need a separate adapter for each lens as I did for my Leica R mount lenses? Also who makes the screw mount to Nikon?  Will these lenses focus to infinity?    

Unfortunately, B&H does not carry an adapter that would enable you to mount Leica M39 screw mount lenses onto a Nikon F-mount camera, nor am I aware of an option on the market.  The issue would be the extreme difference between the registers of the two cameras.  The M39 lenses would need to sit within a Nikon’s body to be the correct distance from the camera’s sensor. 

Is there a lens adapter for Pentax lenses for use on a Nikon digital camera? If so, what its cost?

Sadly the flange register of the Nikon SLR are higher from those from Pentax so there is no posibility to use Pentax K lenses on Nikon F mount

Luis Oliveros - Further to my comment for help in respect of my Voigtlander, here is a bit of background:  Voigtlander and Zeiss merged iin 1965.  In 1972 they stopped making cameras.  Zeiss sold Voigtlander to Rollei.  When Rollei closed down in 1982, it was sold to Plusfoto who later sold it to Ringfoto.  Since 1999, cameras and lenses under the name of Voigtlander are sold by Cosina.  These lenses are very different from the ones I have.  I will be in NY this coming August, in case anyone has any solution to this predicament!



I have several Voigtlander lenses prior to 1970 that I have not been able to use in any camera since I could not find any adapter.  These lenses, (rather valuable) have a 37 mm Bayonet type ring,  I have Nikon, but would be prepared to buy any camera for which I could have an adapter and be able to use these lenses.  Can you help?  If necessary I can send Photos of the lenses.

It sounds like your lenses might be the Voigtlander Bessamatic/Ultramatic mount lenses.  Though, I would suggest sending us an email with the camera you originally used the lenses on.  This would help us verify the mount, and from there we could see what, if any, DKL mount adapters we carry might work with your lenses.  [email protected]

Is there an adaptor to for Nikon F/G/DX/ lenses to Sony e-mount (Sony A7Sii) that will allow manual control of aperture and manual and/or auto focus? Thanks.



Hey Adam,

You might want to check out the MTF Services Ltd Nikon G to Sony E-Mount Adapter (B&H # MTNIKSEM), which is compatible with Nikon's G-mount DX/FX lenses. It doesn't offer AF but does offer manual adjustment of aperture regardless of whether the lens has an aperture ring or not.If you want AF and AE control you can tale a look at the Vello Nikon F Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera Auto Lens Adapter (B&H # VELAESENF). There are also a number of Nikon to Sony E-mount adapters that do not offer any form of automation.



I have two wonderfull lense in my Mamiya 645, and I have Canon, 5D mark II. ¿It's possible to find rings adapator for that lenses?

Thank a lot for your information.

From Madrid Spain



I have several Leica lenses from my old Leicaflex 35mm camera. Are their adaptors for them to mount on my Nikon D300 or D750? 

I would like to know if there is an adapter for Nikon D600 DSLR Full Frame Body to use a Mamiya 70mm and a 150mm lenses from my M645 Medium format.     

Please advise.

Many thanks.

Is there an adapter to Nikon D600 for the Rodenstock Imagon Portrait Lens I have one Iused with my RB67 that I would to use with my full frame slr.


Hey Jeff,

I went through our website and unfortunately couldn't find any adapters that would work.If we hear of anything down the line we'll get back to you.

Wish we had something for you... 



What adapters can I use on my Sony A7r which will allow autofocus/exposure with Nikkor lenses?

Okay, I'm a Canon guy. My first 35mm camera was a Canon A-1 that I bought new in 1980, which I still use today. I added an used F-1N in July 2013 to share lenses. I didn't know that my wife bought me a 5D Mk III in December 2013; well I did since she showed me a package deal on a major book seller web site and I found a better deal at B&H.

So Canon offered FD to EF mount adapter, but is there an adapter for EF to FD mount?

Any converters from B&H to use FD to EF or EF to FD?
FD lens to EOS camera (28m f2.8. 50mm f1.8)
EF lens to FD camera (24-105

T-mount: I bought a cheap Spiratone 400mm f6.3 lens for the FD mount. I don't use that lens that often because of having to stop down the lens manually.

Thanks for the comment Ralph....There are several adapters available for FD lens to EOS body, for example this one from FotoDiox, but I'm still searching for the EF lens to FD body...will get back to you and thanks again for listening!

Ralph...quoting our guest, Johnny Tsang from the B&H Photography Podcast on adapters: "...it is not possible. The main reason being the flange distance cannot be corrected to use EF lenses on FD cameras., Also there are no electronic controls to actuate the aperture in the electronic Canon lenses..."  Thank you Johnny!