Podcast: On "AIR", an Interview with Vincent LaForet


Pulitzer Prize and Cannes Lions award winner Vincent LaForet has accomplished so much in still and motion photography, yet he continues to push himself to create images he has “never seen before” and this drive has led to his most recent passion project on high-altitude night photography and the incredible book, AIR. LaForet joins us for an in-depth conversation on the thrills, as well as the logistical, technical, and physical challenges of creating the images for this book. From lessons taught to him by his father, to combat and sports photography, to the pressure of self-funding a project, to gear and technical advice, LaForet regales us with wonderful stories from his career and the making of AIR.

To see footage of LaForet in action and the making of AIR, check out this B&H Prospectives Video.

Guest: Vincent LaForet

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Las Vegas


New York


Photographs © Vincent LaForet



(Left to right): Todd Vorenkamp, Vincent LaForet, Allan Weitz





Host: Allan Weitz
Producer: John Harris
Engineer: Jason Tables
Executive Producers: Bryan Formhals, Mark Zuppe


It's always wonderful to hear Vincent talk, he's a wise photographer and a great inspiration. BTW, there's a type error, that picture that says "London," is really Vincent's photograph of Las Vegas

Thanks Adrian.  We fixed the typo and you are so right about Vincent...a total pro.  We were joking that we could have pushed record and left the room and he would have still given us a perfect interview.  Thanks for listening and please review the podcast on iTunes!