B&H Celebrates Everyday Carry (EDC) Gear


Starting Monday, May 6, B&H will begin our week-long coverage of everyday carry (EDC) gear. More than just the contents of your pack or purse, EDC items are the essential tools that get you through your day. Whether it’s the noise-canceling headphones that help you survive your subway commute or the do-everything smartphone that assists you in more ways you can count, if it’s something you carry with you all the time, we’re gonna discuss it (and maybe throw in a couple of recommendations along the way). We’ll also be checking out EDC kits from people with different backgrounds—who knows, maybe you’ll see something in one of their kits that you should add to your own EDC inventory. So be sure to check back all next week, May 6 – 10, as we celebrate all things EDC.

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Thanks, Lou! We're pretty pumped about it. Also, we'd love to hear what our readers carry with them, so be sure to tell us about your everyday carry essentials. 

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