New L-Series Plus LED Spotlights from ARRI

New L-Series Plus LED Spotlights from ARRI

Just in time for NAB 2024, ARRI is announcing its new L-Series Plus LED spotlights. Inspired by Fresnel characteristics, these spotlights feature continuous focus from spot to flood, uniform light field, and up to 90% more light output than their predecessors.

The new fixtures come in two different size variants, with either a pole-operated or manual yoke, and your choice of color: all-black or blue and silver.

The L5-C Plus variant features a 5” lens and RGBW LED light engine. You can attach it to compatible fixtures using the 5/8” and 1-1/8” combo pin on its yoke. The larger L7-C Plus variant has a larger 7” lens and 180W RGBW LED light engine. It attaches to compatible features via a 1-1/8” junior pin.

Both variants offer a 2800K–10,000K color temperature range between full +/- green and RGBW colors, 0%–100% continuous dimming, and a 50,000-hour estimated LED lifetime. Direct network connectivity is facilitated via LAN input while light control is achieved via ArtNet and streaming ACN.

Onboard features of both lights include SkyPanel Classic control and UI, sliding stirrup for balancing, focus knob, and tilt lock.

Each fixture features a 5-pin DMX port that enables easy integration into your DMX control ecosystem. A USB-A port functions as a software interface for settings configuration and firmware upgrades.

For more information about the new L-Series Plus spotlights, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the product pages for each. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to answer all of your comments and questions.