Sony Adds XR Clear Image to the New 2023 BRAVIA XR TV Lineup

Sony Adds XR Clear Image to the New 2023 BRAVIA XR TV Lineup

Sony recently announced its 2023 lineup of BRAVIA XR TVs: the OLED A80L, QD-OLED A95L, and X90L with Full Array LEDs, as well as the X93L and X95L with local-dimming Mini-LEDs. Meant to elevate the home theater experience, the new models feature updated Cognitive Processor XR for better backlight control, new XR Clear Image for improved picture clarity, better integration with the PlayStation 5, improved integrated audio with either Acoustic Multi-Audio+ or Acoustic Surface Audio+, and more. With a wide array to choose from, there's sure to be a TV in the mix to suit your needs.

Sony BRAVIA XR X90L 55" 4K HDR Smart LED TV
Sony BRAVIA XR X90L 55" 4K HDR Smart LED TV

At the heart of the new BRAVIA XR range is the updated Cognitive Processor XR, which uses a host of XR-branded technologies to improve the quality of the already stunning 4K HDR image of each model. XR Triluminous Pro provides more than a billion colors for a more vivid and realistic picture, and XR Motion Clarity combats blur in sports and other fast-paced content. A new feature for all models, except the X93L, is XR Clear Image, which further increases clarity by reducing noise and blur.

As brilliant as movies, shows, and games look on each BRAVIA XR display, audio is an essential component of the experience, and each set has one of two sound optimization features. The A80L, A95L, and X95L offer Acoustic Surface Audio+, which uses actuators to vibrate the TV, producing sound from the entire screen. Meanwhile, the X90L and X93L use Acoustic Multi-Audio. This adds positioned tweeters that pair with the TV's speakers to improve overall sound quality, better matching what you hear with the action you see on screen. These work with Acoustic Center Sync, which synchronizes the speakers in every BRAVIA XR model with an optional Sony soundbar to boost center-channel clarity for dialogue you can understand.

Acoustic Surface Audio+
Acoustic Multi-Audio

Each of these displays also incorporates online access to a library of streaming content. Google TV is built in, which offers more than 700,000 movies and TV episodes from major streaming services, such as Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube TV. You can also take advantage of BRAVIA CORE, Sony’s pre-loaded movie service with exclusive content. Each BRAVIA XR model gives you free credits to screen multiple movies on the service.

Outside of movies and TV, the new BRAVIA XR models are ideal for high-end gaming, especially when paired with an optional Sony PlayStation console. To enhance your gaming experience, the new BRAVIA XR screens offer Auto HDR Tone Mapping, optimizing HDR settings for PS5 games to achieve true-to-life color and contrast. Then there's Auto Genre Picture Mode that will auto-switch you to the TV's Game Mode when the PS5 powers on.

A clearer and more realistic image, built-in synchronized audio, smart streaming functionality, and optimized gameplay all come together in the new 2023 BRAVIA XR lineup to deliver an exceptional home entertainment experience. Across the full 2023 BRAVIA XR line, the A80L, A95L, X90L, X93L, and X95L are offered in sizes ranging from 55" to 85". If you would like to learn more details about any of them, you can find each model right now at B&H.

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