Sony’s XPERIA 1 V Offers Upgraded Camera Features to Mobile Pros

Sony’s XPERIA 1 V Offers Upgraded Camera Features to Mobile Pros

Taking a significant step forward in mobile content creation, Sony has announced the XPERIA 1 V, a smartphone with an updated camera system that prioritizes portrait filming for professional content creators and enthusiasts alike. The triple-camera system benefits from new features such as improved low-light performance, skin tone representation, and provided preset styles so influencers can go from shooting to sharing more quickly.


When it comes to optics and content creation on-the-go, the XPERIA 1 line has been at the top of the list. Sony leverages its Alpha camera knowledge to focus heavily on professional quality for its phones, and the XPERIA 1 V continues that trend. Back are the 16mm ultra-wide and zoomable 85-125mm 12MP telephoto lenses, but what's new is an updated wide-angle lens. The XPERIA 1 V goes from 12MP to 48MP but, more importantly, it uses the Exmore T, built for a mobile sensor's 2-layer stacked structure, to capture more light. This equates to improved night shooting performance, with brighter images that have less noise.

A camera system is only as good as its software, and Sony has delivered new options for users of the XPERIA 1 V. Creative Looks is a series of presets that apply a style to photo and video output. This helps reduce post-processing time and quickens the pace of sharing content online. S-Cinetone for mobile applies accurate skin tones and three times the saturation of a standard sensor for noise-free blacks and soft colors. There is also a trio of AI processes (Depth, White Balance, and Exposure) to improve overall content accuracy.

Vloggers who enjoy shooting vertical content will find Sony's focus on portrait-style filming appealing, with the XPERIA 1 V's Product Showcase feature and new vertical UI for both photo and video. It's common to see creators holding a hand behind an object to draw focus to it in videos, but Product Showcase does away with that by automatically detecting and focusing on what's being presented.

While the XPERIA 1 V continues to be a powerful mobile imaging tool, its list of high-quality features does not stop with the camera. Known for innovative audio and gaming products, Sony leverages that experience with the XPERIA 1 V, as well. Enjoy Hi-Res Audio from wired headphones or wirelessly via Bluetooth LE and LDAC. The XPERIA 1 V can also immerse listeners with 360 Reality Audio support.

Gamers and gaming content creators should appreciate the stunning 6.5" 4K HDR OLED display with smooth 120 Hz refresh rate. Gamers' experience is further enhanced with a 240 Hz motion blur reduction and a responsive 240 Hz touch scanning rate. Creating high-quality gaming content is now easier with the XPERIA 1 V, with new livestreaming support, 120 Hz recording, and a game audio mixer.

As a platform meant to be used outdoors, Sony made sure to make the XPERIA 1 V resistant to the elements, able to access fast wireless networks, process information quickly, and run all day long. The phone is based on the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mobile platform and can quickly share media on 5G networks. It provides lower camera power consumption and a large 5000 mAh battery for 20 continuous hours of 4K playback. Protecting it all is IP65/67 water and dust resistance, along with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus 2.

Sony's new flagship in the XPERIA 1 line solidifies its position at the forefront of both professional mobile content creation and high-end mobile entertainment. For more information about the new smartphone, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product page for Sony XPERIA 1 V. Or drop us a line below, and we'll do our best to answer all your comments and questions.

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I'm drooling over the hardware. I would love this phone and it would be a great complement to my A7r V. However Sony refuses to patch its phones for security issues and therefore there's no way I would use a Sony phone to connect to a bank app or anything secure. If they could figure out how to patch security issues timely, the Xperia 1 series would be my #1 phone choice without a doubt. I was hoping to see a new policy about updates and unfortunately it seems they treat them like Alpha firmware updates...