New Audiophile-Grade Receiver and Floor Speaker from Yamaha


Experience what Yamaha calls “True Sound” with the combination of the newly released R-N2000A network receiver and NS-2000A floorstanding 3-way speaker. As part of Yamaha’s True Sound, internal components of each address a trio of aural concepts: tonal balance, sound image, and sound dynamics. The combo realizes the True Sound promise, reproducing music so realistically that you may think you’re in the room with the artists themselves. Combine that technology with modern streaming support and premium aesthetics, and you have the makings of a classic audiophile system.

 R-N2000A network receiver and NS-2000A floor-standing 3-way speaker
R-N2000A network receiver and NS-2000A floorstanding 3-way speaker

R-N2000A Network Receiver

Yamaha combines a variety of technologies to provide efficient power transfer, eliminate resonance, and optimize audio fidelity in its R-N2000A network receiver. A high-end toroidal power transformer joins thick wiring for power generation with minimal loss, a mechanical ground concept and chrome-plated brass feet ensure signal integrity with a rigid frame, and a floating balanced power amp delivers an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and channel separation.

Chrome-plated brass feet
Floating and balanced power amplifier
Mechanical ground concept
Toroidal transformer

These internal components and other design attributes result in clear audio at 120W per channel at 8 ohms. Audio can be tailored to individual listening spaces using YPAO—Yamaha Parametric Room Acoustic Optimizer. Essentially, YPAO automatically tunes audio to a room, taking into account wall material and speaker placement. In addition, it gives access to a high-end ESS SABRE ES9026PRO Ultra DAC and Yamaha’s MusicCast, which is app-controlled streaming that supports a host of services such as Spotify, Amazon Music HD, and TIDAL. All accessible via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

In terms of aesthetics and operation, the R-N2000A marries nostalgia with modern convenience, sporting dual analog line meters illuminated with a warm LED glow and a minimalist front panel OLED for displaying track information. That’s on top of a host of knobs and dials for volume adjustment and music playback. A variety of ports are offered, such as pure brass speaker connectors and an HDMI ARC port for single-cable TV connection.

Level Meters
Brass speaker connectors

NS-2000A Floorstanding Speaker

Designed to be a match for the output of the R-N2000A receiver, the NS-2000A speaker packs a 3-way bass-reflex speaker design and 200W of peak power. To achieve accurate output of the R-N2000A’s audio fidelity, Yamaha constructed the speaker with a combination of ZYLON and spruce material, added R.S. (Resonance Suppression) chambers and patented Acoustic Absorber tubes, and an MCap SUPREME Classic audio capacitor from Mundorf of Germany.

Acoustic absorber
Resonance suppression chambers
C-MCap SUPREME Classic audio-capacitor

These components deliver that pure and detailed True Sound through four separate drivers, a pair of 6.5" cone woofers, a 3.25" dome midrange, and a 1.25" dome tweeter, all housed within a solid cabinet adorned with a suitably premium finish. In fact, the high gloss of the cabinet is the same as that found on Yamaha’s grand pianos.

Yamaha NS-2000A 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker
Yamaha NS-2000A 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing components or create a new system, the R-N2000A network receiver and NS-2000A floorstanding speaker are a classic pair for audiophile performance, while still giving you features that are convenient necessities of modern music enjoyment. While the NS-2000A only comes in black, the R-N2000A gives you the option of black or silver, and they are all available today at B&H.

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