First Time Flying a Drone | DJI Spark


In this video, Jake from B&H takes the brand new DJI Spark for a spin, and it just happens to be his first time flying a drone.  For a new pilot, the Spark features easy-to-use gesture controls, positioning systems, and tracking modes. Its extremely small size and light weight also make it one of the most portable drones around, plus it's capable of recording 1080p video.




Drones have a use and place in photography and videography - idustrial, safety, security and even artistic fields - but I doubt they will be enthusiastically received by the rest of the general public (non-owners).  In a controlled and cordoned off environment - fine.  Turning any public space (town square, beach, park, wilderness into a movie set is not going to win over supporti for these enthusiasts, hobbyists.  The 'toy' is noisy and dangerous and unpredictable for others.

Where are any other people at that public beach?  The safety, noise and privacy issues seem to have been impressed on the manufacturers and 'salesman.'  Listen to the sound of operation.  At just 1 of the 8 minutes of video do we hear it and that sound is disguised by background 'music.'

I'd recommend the 'salesman' put his sunglasses back on after face recognition and also wear face and hand protection.  Maybe keep that second cameraman around to explain to others "We're only shooting for 15 minutes folks (life of battery) .  Sorry to disturb your day away from the noise and hazards of the city."  Does that background 'music' come with the Spark?

Like the video Jake. But I think you could have mentioned the battery life - flying time for the Spark.  

Enjoyed your drone video Jake. Having sunk my first drone in a lake, and having its twin sitting in my home fearful to leave, I'd have to say you may have convinced me the Spark might just cover for my ineptitude. Slick piece of tech at a great price!