Catch the Action with the New DJI Action 2 Camera and Mic


Go beyond the traditional action cam with the versatile new DJI Action 2 camera and accessories. Sporting a redesigned camera module that allows users to magnetically attach a trove of additional accessories—for example, a Front Touchscreen Module that’s great for vloggers—the versatile Action 2 can be configured for every type of action, from wave surfing to couch surfing, and everything in between.

This camera, in its complete ecosystem, sports a 155° FOV and is waterproof down to 32' below the surface for shooting in almost any location and weather. Add a waterproof case to shoot down to 196' or take the camera out of the case and add a macro lens attachment. Simple to use with a large built-in touchscreen on the back of the camera, the Action 2 sports some impressive technical specs, such as a sensor with 4000 x 3000 pixel resolution, and it’s able to shoot UHD 4K, 2.7K, and 1080p up to 120 fps, recording to 32GB of internal memory using H.264/HEVC encoding as MP4 files. You can add additional storage with a readily available UHS-1 microSD card up to 256GB, and the integrated LiPo provides about 70 minutes of run time. Built into the camera are image stabilization and an automatic horizon feature to keep your image level.

DJI Action 2 Camera and accessories
DJI Action 2 Camera and accessories

As impressive as the camera is on its own, what makes the Action 2 camera an exciting release are the magnetic accessories that are easy to attach and expand the camera’s functionality and features. The camera has built-in magnets and uses a surface-mounted expansion port for attaching accessories. These include the Front Touchscreen Module, which with accessories is perfect for turning your camera into a Dual Screen Combo vlogging system. A Power Module  can be purchased by itself, or pick up the Power Combo, which includes the camera, power module, and accessories to extend the camera run time to 180 minutes. More magnetic accessories include the 3-prong Magnetic Adapter Mount, a lanyard system for hands-free carrying and filming, Ball-Joint Adapter Mount, Floating Handle, Headband Mount, and Remote Control Extension Rod that can also serve as a mini tripod. Not to be overlooked is the Action 2 Wireless Microphone, which leverages the camera’s wireless capabilities to free your mic from being tethered to the camera, enabling you to get the mic just where it needs to be (up to 660' feet away from the camera) for optimal sound without interfering with the camera’s movement.

DJI Action 2 with Headband Mount
DJI Action 2 with Headband Mount

So, if you are a pro who wants more control over the camera’s settings, or just want to grab and go, it’s worth taking note of the DJI Action 2 camera system.

Please share your thoughts on how you would like to use the action 2 camera in the comments section below—we’d love to hear them.



I’m looking forward to receiving my dual screen combo ordered from B&H. I think a lot of the negative comments about add Ins will b addressed by DJI. Such as external mic and external hdmi.  The original action has had lots of time for add ons. I heard that a external mic clip on is in the works so time will tell.  Hope there’s not a ‘supply chain’ problem as I want mine SOON… 

thanks for the review!!


I have a question what's the f/stop 2.8 built in or 1.7 like the osmo pocket 2..

Hi Jose - 

Maximum Aperture:  f/2.8

Sensor Type:   1/1.7" CMOS Sensor

I was VERY much looking forward to the Action 2 for use on my Stage and Live Switched productions.  I must say -- I'm sorely disappointed by what I'm reading about the DJI Action 2 (I LOVE my 2 original DJI Osmo Action cams, and won't get any GoPro beyond the 5 Black since every one has overheated or locked up mid-shoot).   It appears they've stripped out some Action capabilities to make this, and targeted it strictly towards sports use, and not for professional use.      I'd love to learn if I mistaken in what I'm writing below:

(1) No HDMI output option means we still cannot use it for live switch scenarios -- this is a MAJOR miss. Is there a future planned module to add this?

(2) Only has microSD support by adding additional modules. How big is the internal RAM storage without a module? (doesn't appear in the online docs yet). With frequent back-to-back long performances, there's no time to dump internal storage on-site, making microSD card support a requirement, and that means larger form-factor with more modules, not ideal for on-stage productions. Could a USB/microSD module be created with smaller form-factor than the existing modules?

(3) No USB port means cannot be powered externally with USB bricks or A/C power. For all-day shoots and stage productions, this is a non-starter. We cannot risk the camera powering-down mid-show

(4)  No Spot Metering??!! The original DJI Action has spot metering -- far superior interface to the GoPro models, a real plus. Why in the world would anyone remove Spot Metering as an option? For stage productions, we rely on that to avoid blown out images. Will spot metering be added back in a future firmware release?

(5) This isn't really an objection -- but curiosity -- since supported frame rates are the same with 4K and 2.7K modes, what's the advantage of shooting 2.7K?  Higher bitrate?  Smaller file?


Agreed. It feels like a step back in a lot of ways. They're trying to be different for the sake of being different. What I liked about the original Action was that it took GoPro's same basic concept and expanded features that were (at the time) ahead of what they were doing while still staying as accessible as possible. You could even use most of the GoPro accessories with it! 

Finally a viable replacement and upgrade to the GoPro Hero Session by DJI ! Please remember the fpv world and make sure that their is a good system to attach ND filters.....