DJI Unveils the Mic 2 Wireless System


Following the success of its initial wireless microphone release, DJI has come back to the audio sphere with the Mic 2, a second-generation iteration of the trusty DJI Mic. Available in single-person and 2-person configurations, the Mic 2 has upgraded features to heighten your audio recording quality in mobile journalism and content creation applications.


The Mic 2 maintains its predecessor’s 820' transmission distance and 14-hour internal recording capacity, making it suitable for more demanding journalistic endeavors in outdoor spaces. The main components of the Mic 2 upgrade are the new transmitter units, which feature a sleek redesign available in two colorways and onboard recording capabilities. 8GB of internal storage can retain up to 14 hours of recorded 24-bit audio at 48 kHz. Record audio independently or combine the two transmitters into a single track, thanks to stereo mode for flexible post-production.

Both 2.4 GHz digital and Bluetooth connectivity allow the transmitters to communicate with your Mic 2 dual-channel receiver or even your DJI Osmo Pocket 3 or Action 4 camera. Toggle 32-bit float audio recording with the DJI Mimo app for high dynamic range in complex sound environments. The app unlocks remote control of your transmitter units to engage functions like intelligent noise cancelling during video recording with compatible devices. Attach the transmitters to your talent via integrated back clips or the included clip magnets.

Other familiar features of the Mic 2 include safety track recording and various audio adapters for wide device compatibility. Insert the Lightning or USB-C adapter into the expansion port at the bottom of the receiver unit to connect with your smartphone device. A 3.5mm TRS cable connects to select DSLR or mirrorless camera models and supports automatic power on/off in sync with your connected camera. The Mic 2 receiver has an expanded 1.1" OLED touchscreen and added control dial. Adjust volume, gain, and channel settings for environment-specific configurations. An internal motor sends haptic feedback during key operations for intuitive control.

New Mic 2-specific accessories add to this exciting release—a lavalier microphone and a charging case. The lav inserts into the 3.5mm TRS port on your transmitter and has an integrated mic clip for low-profile recording. The charging case fits all the components included in the two-person system configuration, expanding its run time to 18 hours, for all-day productions. Recharge it all in just 2 hours and 40 minutes.

For more information about the new wireless microphone system, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product page for the DJI Mic 2. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to reply to your comments and questions.



Do these units have balanced ins / outs? Is there a mic vs line balanced in and out level switch and 48V phantom power on the in?


Hi Alexander - 

This microphone system utilizes unbalanced audio mic level only. 48V phantom power is not supplied. 

I see there's a single transmitter/recorder available (for $99.00). Does that mean that, if I have transmitters sending to a Sony camera, the system can have three transmitters all going to the same camera?

Hi Barry - 

The  DJI Mic 2 will not accept 3 audio signals.

Pros / Cons?  Similar product comparisons?  Price comparison?  Distance (and other) test?  Is this a review or an ad? What a waste of time...

It seems really similar to the Holllyland Lark Max that came out a while ago. 

No mention of being able to use a lapel, which is super strange because I'm assuming you can? It would be ridiculous to not be able to. Also, no time code sync? DJI continues to hold out so they can sell more products, shame! And the claim of an 18-hour battery life is just some bad marketing ploy, its a 6 hour battery life. Simple as that

Buy the tentacle or rode system if you know whats good for yah

Agree. Would be helpful to know if most any lapel or Countryman style mic can be plugged into the transceiver.

A lavalier mic is mentioned, but no other info or photo. Is it available? Specs?

No mention of a Lavalier mic is mentioned in this video.  No lav mic is a huge problem.

Just finished a monstrous chat with DJI. I did online support, email, chat, and phone...they gave me the following information about their lav:

Omni directional lav

SPL 120dB

SNR 71dB

Dynamic Range- They were unable to tell me. On the phone, they said they'll release the info "soon". Could be a couple days, could be six months. Online chat said: "they will email me back with the answer"...Fat chance.


Incase anyone was wondering, the RODE Lavalier II (comes with Rode Pro) has:

SPL 106dB

SNR 67dB

Dynamic Range 79dB


Regarding the rest of the system:

Can't buy the receiver separately. So if you wanted the white TX to pair with a receiver, you'd also have to buy the 1TX + 1RX unit....Giving you two transmitters with one receiver....which you can pair both transmitters to the receiver. So good and bad there.

This claim is a little confusing: "The charging case fits all the components included in the two-person system configuration, expanding its run time to 18 hours, for all-day productions. Recharge it all in just 2 hours and 40 minutes."


The detailed product page for the DJI Mic 2 states the battery life is 6 hours. 


Is the battery life 18 hours or 6 hours?



Hi Charles - 

The battery life is 6 hours for each component for  total of 18 hours.


That is an important limitation, and should not be glossed over ..

Can the Mic 2 sync sound to a video camera for simultaneously recorded video?

Hi Charles   - 

The DJI Mic 2 will work with a video camera and the audio will be synced with e recorded video.