Audio-Technica Announces AT2020USB-X Microphone for Content Creators


Audio-Technica continues to refine the venerable AT2020, a microphone well known for delivering excellent audio recordings that rival, and even exceed, far more expensive mics. Improving on the most recent iteration, the AT2020USB+, this new AT2020USB-X model brings a USB Type-C connection, Mute button, Mix Control, and 24-bit/96 kHz audio capabilities to this proven performer for streamers, podcasters, and other content creators to enjoy. 

AT2020USB-X Microphone
AT2020USB-X Microphone

There’s a good reason Audio-Technica keeps updating the AT2020: it sounds terrific. Years ago, I remember personally comparing several similarly priced USB mics in the studio with a couple of vocalists and we all immediately agreed the AT2020USB delivered a full, rich sound that was noticeably better than the other contenders. In subsequent editions, A-T has added a headphone jack and new color options, and now, with the AT2020USB-X, there are even better features. Still, the solidly performing condenser capsule at the heart of the mic remains essentially unchanged and continues to provide excellent vocal and instrumental recordings at a budget-friendly price. 

The mic’s cardioid polar pattern helps to focus audio capture on the performer in front of the capsule, picking up less unwanted background noise—an especially useful feature in untreated studios or podcasting spaces. The mic is powered by the USB bus and offers a headphone jack with volume control for latency-free monitoring of your incoming audio. A mix control dial allows you to blend-in pre-recorded audio from your computer, which is great for overdubbing to a music bed. 

The new features make the mic an even better fit for podcasting and streaming. The soft-touch capacitive mute button allows you to mute the microphone quickly and silently in case you need a private moment, while a two-color LED ring shows you the mic is getting power and glows red when it’s muted. With its USB Type-C connector offering compatibility with a wide range of current and upcoming devices, and a new and improved A to D converter capable of 24-bit/96 kHz recordings, the AT2020USB-X is more than ready for a high-fidelity future. It includes a desktop stand, 3/8" to 5/8" adapter, and a USB cable with adapter. 

Are you ready to try the Audio-Technica AT2020USB-X on your next podcasting, recording, or streaming session? Let us know, in the Comments section, below!